December Daily Continued

I know it's not December anymore but I have to show you my album as I finish it up! I only have 4 more days to print pictures for and then I will be done! But here are a few more days that I finished up in my album this weekend!

On the 12th I got to scrapbook with some buds!

I had to use an extra sheet to hold 4 extra photos that I really wanted to include! Then I finished with some journaling about how my 12 hour crop is one of my favorite days of the month!

December 13th was all about a date with my hubby and the cute new grin that Brooke gives! The movie we saw was provided by our mortgage company so I included the invite in the book.

The 14ths was a night of wrapping presents. I had two pictures from this night so I just added one to the back of the page. This worked out well because day 14 was just a piece of DSP that I punched holes in.

Here is the back of day 14!

Day 15 was about Brooke being sick.

And Day 16 was all about baby giggles and how I love to hear them when Brooke is playing with Daddy.

Day 17 was about me being sick and Sam coming home early to play with Brooke while I laid on the couch!

I have a few more days to show you. Stay tuned for later this week!

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