Friday's 10!!!

1) Having a garage sale today so this post is coming to you LIVE from my garage from my laptop. If you are in the Gardner area you should stop by and look at our great stuff!!! We price most everything under $5. And now we have most things half price...which is a BONUS!

2) This guy came in about an hour ago and wanted to know what the price was for everything that we had for sale. That caught me off guard a little so I was like, "What are you going to do with all of this stuff?" He said, "I was just saying that to see what you would say." Ok crazy man! And then the funny thing is that he didn't buy anything at all...NOT one thing!

3) I'm tired. I need a nap!

4) Tomorrow is also going to be a long day...I have a shower in the morning for my freind that is getting married and then at night we are having her Bachelorette Party! WOO HOO!

5) We just sold 2 picture frames, lotion, body spray, and notecards for a total of 50 cents! We are cheap!

6) I know that I didn't post anything for WOO HOO Wednesday. To be honest, I was really busy that night cleaning out my crawl space and I was too tired to post anything. But I do have one card and I promise that I will post it this weekend! PROMISE!

7) The wind needs to stop blowing! I mean...it blew a speaker over! Come on! But we are really getting our exercise today going and running after things and picking them up to put back on tables.

8) One of my garage sale customers said, "How long have you lived here?" I said about 4 years. She said, "We looked at this house when it was on the market." I told her that I was glad that she didn't buy it! HA!

9) It's May 2nd and it's freezing outside. Yesterday it was 80 and today it's probably 60 with a cold wind blowing! BRrrr... My sister is covered up with a blanket! Brrrr...

10) It's Friday! What more could you ask for?!!!!

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jaimey said...

Hi, Kim! I've been super busy the last few weeks, so I am just catching up with your blog today . . . I love your acrylic album and all the cool cards!! And thanks for the compliment about my picture--er, pictures :)--in Stampin' Success. It was so funny . . . for several days after the magazine was out, I had co-worker after co-worker making comments, even asking for my autograph. Hilarious. :) Well, I hope you're having a good weekend! I bet it feels good to get some stuff sold at your garage sale. :) Talk to you later. :)