How was your Mother's Day?

How was your Mother's Day? I know I'm a little late but I just had so much to blog about this week!

Mine started on Saturday (the day before Mother's Day) when I received this card from Jessica. She is working with a student ministry training and discipleship program at our church called Kairos. She has been on staff with them for almost 2 full years after completing the program. She has also lived with us for those past 2 years.

I guess we aren't the traditional host parents. We are younger (a few years older than Jess) and are more like roommates than parents. But it's a family joke that we are her parents and sometimes it's fun to play like she is our daughter. I can only hope that my kids turn out like her! She is super.

Anyway...She left to go out of town for 3 weeks and she left me this card for Mother's Day!

Isn't her message so cute?! (I think you can click on it to make it larger.)

I made these to hold pictures that I gave to our grandmas for Mother's Day. They are just little envelopes that I made out of designer series paper. Tied with the wonderful satin ribbon! So cute!

These were the cards that I gave to our moms. They loved them!

Here is Samuel with his mommy. Aren't they cute?!

And here is me with my Mother-in-law. We did try to take a good picture. But the photographer (Sam) wasn't being very nice so the others turned out a little weird too. This was the best. But I kinda like it! And check out my shirt. I got it at Old Navy a few years back...love it!

Here is my mom with her mom.

Here is where I attacked my mom. She's not too sure what is going on.

The gradnkids got Grandma this t-shirt. It says, "Best Grandma of the Best Grandkids". So true!

And we ended the day by giving our mama a smooch. That is my little sister, Erica on the left.

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Danielle Holsapple said...

What a sweet day you had, by the looks of it!!! Happy mom's day to you!! LOL!