The Countdown Post!

There are so many things to look forward to in the next few days! I just have to blog about my excitement...maybe that will help me focus better at work...maybe!

1 MORE DAY until I see this...

That's right, I get to see Wicked! I have been waiting for this moment for about 1.5 years when my mom announced that it was coming to Kansas City! (Maybe it wasn't that long ago...but it feels like it.) My mom saw it in Chicago and gave me a copy of the soundtrack. I love the music so much! (Have I ever mentioned that I think I missed my calling in life?!! I should have been on Broadway. Or atleast in the chorus of a local production! HA!) Well ever since I got the soundtrack I have loved to crank it up and sing "Popular" in the car at the top of my lungs! I also practice singing the chorus part in the song "Loathing". Oooo...I'm so excited! I will rave more about it tomorrow I'm sure! (AND...dinner will be at Chipotle before the show...what could be better?!)

12 MORE DAYS until I wear this dress in her wedding!

Ever since 7th grade we have talked about our wedding days. She got to experience mine 4 years ago and I'm so glad that I now get to experience hers! It should be so much fun! I have been working out and really watching what I've been eating so hopefully the dress is a little looser than the last time I tried it on! I will keep you posted! And...congrats Kristin!

13 MORE DAYS until we set sail on The Vision of the Seas!

I'm so excited! Although there is a lot to do. I still need to research a few hot spots for each location so that we know what we are doing when we get off the boat. Or maybe we will just wing it! HA! Either way...I'm very excited to get to spend Sunday to Sunday on vacation with my husband! YEAH!

78 MORE DAYS until I go to SLC for the SU Convention!

I super excited about this too! Can't wait to post about all the new things that I will be learning there! WOO HOO!

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