Why do we have so much stuff?

So here is the much anticipated acrylic album that I started to create this weekend. I found that you have to think a lot while making these. You have to watch where you glue, where you place pictures, and what you lay over what. So it took me about 3 hours to complete what I have here to show you! There was a lot of starting over and asking others how it looks. I hope you like the results!

Here is the cover.

The photo on the right is just placed on cardstock and measures just bigger than the picture.

I just love these pictures!

This page is a clear transparancy (?). The white flowery thing is a rub on!

It lays on both photos very nicely! On this one I also used Stazon to stamp directly on the picture!

I realized after I had made this page that I used the picture on the left on the cover page. The picture on the right is on a kraft colored envelope. So fun!

Here is the envelope!

And here is what is inside!

So tonight after I got home and we had dinner, I started cleaning this...

Why do we have so much stuff?!! This is the crawl space. The hardest thing about cleaning this space is that it's only 4 feet tall. I wish it was 5 feet! While putting things from here to...

HERE (The garage...getting ready for the garage sale), I found a few fun things!

#1 - I found my wedding notebook. Look at the cover...I must have been in love. There are doodles all over it!

This was on the inside. I was practicing writing my new name. Kinda like we all did in middle school! HA!

#2 - I also found this great book that the girls from swim team in high school made for me. When I was a senior, I was the only one on the team. They loved me!

This is one of my most favorite pictures in the book! I am in the midle of the picture in the black suit (4th from the left). And look how skinny I was! Geez! I think one of the best parts about this picture is my sister. She is 2nd from the left, holding the flipper! Such a funny face!

I'm sure that I will have more teasures for you as the week progresses!


Kathy said...

I am looking forward to seeing your acrylic album tomorrow night--I can't quite figure out the acrylic part? Those swim team memories were special...that was a great group of girls. And, save that wedding planning notebook, we might need it for your sister sometime!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog -- so informative! The crawl space is interesting and I'm sorry I added to it but.... The acrylic album looks fun -- will enjoy seeing it in person. Enjoy your garage sale experience???? Keep up the good work!
Love, Mom-in-law

TriciaNae said...

thanks for the comment about taebo. i just saw that he has some stuff free on on-demand...i will have to try it out before i buy it!

love that you found some old stuff. i found a box of notes from jr. high and high school a few months back!! fun

Barb said...

love the acrylic album! i've got several of these and have yet to tackle one...

jaimey said...

Your album is totally inspiring! I want to get out all my stamps right now! :)