Fondue Night!

So the hubby has been asking for a fondue night for a while now and so I decided that it would probably be fun this week! So here it is...our 3 course fondue night!

Here is the table before we started the first course.

There is our group from left to right...Erica (my little sis), Jessica (our roommate, intern with our church), Me, and Sam (my hubby)...also Gus is on the floor under the table.

Here is our first course...Mexican cheese fondue. We dipped bread, celery, carrots, and apples in the cheese...YUM!

Our second course, Meat fonue. We just had chicken that was marinated in lime, garlic, olive oil, and other things. We also made a Thai Peanut Sauce and a Honey Dill sauce. We also had Ranch dressing and salsa for the meat too. We cooked the raw chicken in olive oil. YUM!

This is Jess. She posed like this...so we all had to...aren't we cute?

And here is our third course, the chocolate! We had White Chocolate with toffee pieces! Let me just tell you how yummy this was!!! I will be having the leftovers tomorrow and that's a promise! It's really easy. You take 12 oz of White Chocolate and add a half cup of toffee pieces. We dipped bananas, apples, strawberries, and graham cracker sticks in it!


Look at that face....so cute!


Kathy said...

One question...when are you having fondue night for your parents????

jaimey said...

Hi, Kim! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your questions about convention. Yes, I'll be there! :) About someone to room with . . . I asked around, and I didn't find anyone who knew of someone. But you should check out Stampin' Discuss. I think lots of demonstrators find people to room with there. In fact, someone I work with, Julie, found some of what are now her closest friends by putting a posting on Stampin' Discuss asking for people to room with. And now they room together every year. :) So I know it works . . . I feel bad, though, that I didn't get back to you sooner. Hope you will be able to come! It'd be fun to meet you, and I'm sure you'd love it! :)

Oh . . . and that ab exercise. Hold on to your hat. Or your side? This is how you do it: lay on the floor on one side--let's say your right side to start. Prop your upper body up with your right elbow, and put your left hand on your left hip. Then, with your legs stretched out straight and your feet planted, lift your hips up into the air as high as they can go. You want your body to make a tent shape, not to be in a straight line from head to toe. Make sense? Anyway, you lift up, hold for two seconds, then lower. But you don't want your hips to stay on the ground, you have to lift, hold, hold, lower, then lift right up again. Ron had me do sets of 20-about three of them-on each side. Killer!

Oh and here are a few snack ideas . . . sorry, btw, that I'm taking up so much of your comment space! :) Lately I've been all about peanut butter and whole wheat crackers or apples. I also really love this cheese called "Laughing Cow" cheese. It comes in a round package, and if you get the low fat kind, it's quite low in calories. I like the garlic herb kind--I think that's what it's called, with crackers or apples. I also LOVE edamame. You can get frozen single-serving-sized packages of it from Costco. Oh, and I also love cottage cheese and apple sauce. It might sound gross, but it's actually really good. And a baked potato with olive oil. Yum! :)

Ok, I'll stop rambling now . . . sorry again for being so slow to respond. Hope your week's going well! :) I love that you had a fondue night, by the way!! :)

Kim Ryden said...

Mom...I heard that you might be a little jealous! We will have to plan something for June after we get back from the cruise!

Danielle Holsapple said...

OH YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!