Friday's 10!

1. Lately I have been feeling rather stressed by all of the things that I have to do in the next 30 days. This is what runs through my head on any given day.

{I need to go to the grocery store tonight before I head to scrapbooking so I can get snacks. Oh what am I going to wear on May 13th to see Wicked? I need to go shopping. I wonder if my sister will go with me on Sunday to get an outfit. I need to start thinking about what I want to pack for the cruise. We leave in 30 days. That's only a month. I have to have 2 different dressy outfits that I haven't worn yet for the end of May. I'm having a garage sale in 1 week. I can't believe that I thought I would be together enough for a garage sale. I wonder when I will have time to set it all up and pull things out of the crawl space. I need to get a wedding present for 2 people, a few shower gifts. Did I get paid today? I need to workout today.}

It's really crazy! I just need to remember to take it one day at a time. Why do I need to worry now about what I'm going to wear to Wicked on May 13th?! I don't!

2. I'm so excited that I'm scrapbooking 2 days in a row...here is my "To Do" List...

Friday - Create 10/$10 cards for tomorrows crop. Cut for 8 people to create them. Start working on album for our protrait pictures (more on that below).

Saturday - Work on Stacie's albums: Jesse's, Jacob's, Caylie's, Christian's, Christmas, and Vacation. Mother's Day cards. Invites for our company Christmas party. Scrapbook page for clubs coming up.

Do you think I can do it all? I will let you know on Sunday!

3. I am excited to go shopping with my sister on Sunday afternoon. We are headed to the mall. I hardly ever go to the mall. I want to try this dress on. It says online that it's $70. I got a flyer that there were sundresses on sale for $20. I'm hoping that this one is $20! Isn't it cute?

4. So this morning I got up super early. I think I take after my mom in the sense that if we have things on our minds, when we wake up we start to think about them and we just have to get up. There is no turning back to go back to sleep. But I'm also like my dad in the sense that I could take a nap just 2 hours after I wake up too! HA! Anyway...I got up at 6am this morning (normally don't get up until 7). Friday's we can to wear jeans to work. So just for fun I got my size 12's down and tried them on. They fit! I mean...I still need to loose a little because they are tight but...I could button them. And if you are a woman, you know that that is more than half of the battle! So I'm excited that hopefully soon I will get to wear those jeans...some still have tags on them! HA!

5. Remember in #2 when I talked about the album that I'm going to do with our pictures we had taken? Well...I'm very excited. I have been seeing acrylic albums more and more. And now I'm thinking that I need to try one! There is an example of one below. This one was made by Ali Edwards. She works for Creating Keepsakes magazine! She is awesome.

The acrylic album comes with 8-10 sheets total (I think). It's 8x8. You can put pieces of paper, envelopes, transparencies, or whatever in between each sheet. I love the fact that the pages are see through. I'm excited to start creating my album tonight! I will post back with my creations next week!

(My picture was deleted...I will add back in soon!)

6. Guess where I went for lunch today.....


7. And now I'm eating...

There were on sale at Amazon...that's where I got this picture. But that's not where I got my sprees...I got them at QuikTrip!

8. Since I was up early today, I came into work early, 7:30am. So now I can leave at 4:30! YEAH!

9. I'm having a garage sale next Friday with my sister. If you are in the area, stop by and see what we have for sale. We sell things CHEAP!

10. 30 days until I sail away...

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