Friday's 10!

1. Today for "Breakfast Friday" at work we had a catered breakfast. We had eggs, biscuts and gravy, bacon...YUM! I tried not to eat too much because I'm going to try on my bridesmaid's dress next Wednesday. I really want them to tell me that I have to have it altered a lot. I've lost about 15 pounds since I was fitted for it in December! YEAH!

2. Yesterday I bought 2 of these...When we got married, we registered for a 3 piece set or something. It came with a regular size and a very small suitcase. I always make Sam take the very small one...I don't know how he feels about that. Anyway...with all of our traveling (which isn't that much) a few of the feet have fallen off the suitcases that we currently own and they are torn and stuff. So I did some research and decided that this is a great purchase. 2 of the same size. There is bright green on it so that we can identify it easily! I think they will work out great. Oh...and I got them from Amazon and got FREE shipping! WOO HOO!

3. While I was online getting suitcases, I figured that I should get a new home for my new camera so that it can travel with us on the cruise! So here is the new camera case that I purchased, also from Amazon!

4. I got flowers today from a co-worker. Before you get any ideas, everyone in our department got flowers so it's not really a romantic thing...just a fun friendly thing! I got the iris bunch...they are so pretty.

5. I am really excited to go home and scrapbook tonight. I am really inspired by Jennifer Pebbles lately. You can see her work at http://paperandink.typepad.com/thegoodlife/ I love her collage style. She groups some things together that you wouldn't normally put together and I love that! I need to try to develop my collage style. I'm going to go home and work on that...I will post pictures soon!

6. Isn't this card just so cute? It's really simple and looks really easy to make. I think I might try to make this one too! You can see more of this designer at http://www.kwernerdesign.com/blog/. She's the one that has the videos every Monday.

7. I'm going to Chili's for lunch. YUM!

8. Remember a while back when I told you and I needed to start flossing and that I made a deal with myself to floss or there was no Diet Coke the next day. Well I am happy to tell you that It's been almost a month and I have only missed flossing 2 times. I actaully feel the need to do it now! I guess it is true...21 days to a habit. That's what my hubby says. So now I have a flossing habit and it really doesn't take as long as I always thought it was and it really does make my teeth feel 10 times cleaner.

9. I discovered a blog of a girl that works at the SU office and I love it! I knew that she was an employee of SU because I have seen her at conventions in the past. Jamiey's post for April 15th is hilarious! http://jaimey.blogspot.com/

10. I'm already looking forward to next weekend! I will be scrapbooking on Friday night at church from 7-midnight and then all day on Saturday at our 12 hour crop. If you are reading this and you are waiting for an invite to the crop...sorry! I'm a slacker this time around.


chris jenkins said...

you remind me that i need new suitcases - soon. that one looks nice and i dig the green.

and lucky! i have never been on a cruise. you will have to share the experience when you get back!

thank you for all the kind comments you have left on my blog.

hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

jaimey said...

Hi, Kim! I've really enjoyed reading your blog . . . and thank you so much for saying you like mine, too! :) I noticed there had been a lot of views today of my blog from the midwest and couldn't figure out why, but now I have a pretty good guess it's because of your sweet mention of my blog today. I think you doubled my blog's readership!! Haha! :) Anywho, I'm trying out the name Punk for the pink-haired-woodpecker and seeing if it sticks . . . I have a good feeling about it. :) Hope you're having a good weekend! :)