Wedding Invitation

Don't you just love weddings? I love them!!! And we get to attend one soon! Our daugther is getting married! Not Brooke, Jessica...she's in her 20's...and so am I! Ha ha! Let me explain because some of you are confused!

A few years ago we volunteered to have a student live in our home through a program that our church has for college students. Jessica was on staff of this program and she moved in with us in September of 2006 (I think). Anyway, most of the students call their host families by the normal names of Mom and Dad and Sister and Brother...just like at home. So only 3-5 years older than her, we were her parents! Ha ha! She lived with us for 2 years and now she's gotten all big and is getting married! They grow up so quickly, don't they?!

A few weeks ago we got their wedding invite in the mail and I just had to share it because it's totally handmade and TOTALLY CUTE!!!

Here's what they looked like when you took it out of the envelope.

Then you untie it.

And you see this....On the top there is a cute picture with the invite information printed on vellum over it, tied with the same ribbon from the outside. Then on the bottom portion there is a pocket with other wedding information in it.

And you just pull the cards out to read it all.

Isn't that SO CUTE?!!! She said they were a pain to make but they are so cute it was so worth it, I'm sure!

Can't wait until your wedding in September! We love you daughter!

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Shannon said...

Awesome invite. Thanks Kim! Following you from SC now.