Oh Jaron!

Every year I get my picture taken with Jaron Winder, a demonstrator trainer. He's my favorite! So there will be some great observations of the past convention pictures!
2008: (Today) Jaron is wearing an orange shirt and I am looking good!

2007: Denver - Jaron is wearing the exact same shirt and I'm weighing a little more.

2006: Salt Lake City - Jaron is wearing a different shirt but it's still orange and I weigh about 30 lbs more and look gross!

I like 2008 the best! Make sure you check out all of the posts that I uploaded today...there were quite a few!


Cassie said...

Thanks for all the convention highlights.

I'm hoping you'll post an answer for me.....

I'm dying to know if there is a new dog and a new cat set in this catalog!

Anonymous said...
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