Animal Stamp Sets

Cassie...thanks for reading my blog! There aren't really any new animal sets for cats and dogs. This is the only set that I can see a doog and a cat...but it's geared more towards teachers.
I wish they would come out with a dog accessories set! That would be so cute!


Cassie said...

Awesome! Thank you for doing this!! I've been wanting Yappy Day but was holding off to see if a new set was coming that I would like more. Now I know to order him and give him a good home!

Cassie said...

You're a doll! So I'm also debating if I should order Wild Rose too ---- don't suppose you can tell me if there are any new sets that are the 2-step florals that are kinda like this one.....I'm so worried I won't get my catty before Aug 10th - and I only order for personal use so couldn't bring myself to pay $10 for one!