Regionals in KC = FUN!

On Saturday I attended the Stampin Up Regional Seminar with my mom, Margie, and my dad's cousin, Diana! It was so much fun to have a day of stamping and to get to learn so much from all of the demo trainers. Although I was missing Jaron just a little bit! Here are just a few pictures of our day. I will post more later from home...

This picture is of Diana, Shelli, my mom , and me. I love getting to talk with Shelli. We asked her how she kept smiling so much and she confirmed that it was not Vaseline on her teeth! HA HA! (My mom had to ask...she's so silly!) Notice how my mom and I are the shortest and we have squinty eyes!

Here is Diana and my mom. Mom's eyes are almost closed...that's just normal!

And here is Margie and me! Again...take a look at the eyes...I get it from my mom! More pictures and fun stamping projects later! Hope you are having a great Monday. I have to go to the dentist today...so say a little pray for me!

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