It's Wednesday!!!

SO...I haven't updated in a long time! I thought it was about time to let you know what is going on in my life. (Please note that for all baby related news you will have to view www.therydenfamily.blogspot.com which I will be updating today as well!).

1. You know that stack of stuff that you have put off doing for weeks or months at work. You know how it piles up and you don't really worry about it because you know that it can we handled at a later date? Well...yesterday, I finished almost everything in my stack! YEAH! I wrote tons of credits and entered ton of complaints in the system. It was a good day and I was totally motivated to get it all done! I still have a few more things that I hope to finish by the end of the week. But today I'm taking it easy! HA HA!

2. I knew the day would come when I grew up. How do I know that I've grown up, you ask? Well, recently I started to wear make up every day! Can you believe it. For those of your who have known me all of my life or even for a while now, you might think...WHOA it's a miracle! But for those who just know me from my blog, here is the back story: Ever since high school I have only worn makeup for special occassions...you know Prom, my wedding...but not every day. But ever since my best freind's wedding when I got Mary Kay's Granite eye shadow, I have wanted to wear that almost every day! Make Up just makes me feel more put together. I'm still easing into the lipstick/gloss situation. I can't take everyone by surprise to quickly! Which reminds me...I need to place a Mary Kay order with my best friend, Kristin.

3. I started watching The Biggest Loser last night. We had a party actually...it was rather fun. Of course we had to go out to eat dinner first and then we made puppy chow to eat during the show too. But our reasoning was that the people on the show are still fat too. Maybe next week we will eat carrot sticks and water as we watch...Hmmm... Anyway, I think this season is really going to be good. I'm pulling for the Purple and Yellow teams so far! I just like them!

4. There are so many of my freinds who are having babies. I just found out this morning that 3 more are pregnant and due in May. Most of my freinds are from church...they are going to need a lot of workers in the baby classroom come Spring/Summer!

5. It really excites me that all of the great shows are going back to TV next week (or soon there after). I have so many shows on my list. I'm just hoping that I can still get a few things done around the house when they are all back on. But I should be resting right?! I mean I am pregnant! I'm most excited for: How I Met Your Mother, The Office, and Grey's Anantomy.

6. I am totally in love with my husband. He is so devoted to our little family. He works 40-50 (and sometimes more) hours a week, is taking grad school classes, and still finds time to do things around the house like mow the lawn (while I'm off watching TV with my freinds). He is the greatest! (And you can tell him I said that!)

7. What should I have for lunch today? Hmmm...I'm thinking Mac n Cheese!

8. It's my favorite time of year right now! I love when it's cool at night but warmer during the day! (And you gotta love that it's not raining anymore! YEAH!) All this week the high is in the 80's with a low in the 50's...perfect!

9. Yesterday at lunch my sister and I got a little surprise. We were eating lunch and talking at the table and finding great recipes and stuff. Well I start to head to the kitchen to put my dishes in the sink and what do you think I saw? A grasshopper. Ok...some of your may be thinking..."It's only a grasshopper." Well I was thinking..."Oh my gosh that thing is huge what are we going to do? I'm not touching it!" This thing was about 2 inches long and thick enough around that if you were to squish it you would hear a lot of crunching. Anyway...it was on the kitchen faucet at the time. I call the wonderful hubby I was talking about earlier and he says, "I can't beleive you are calling me about this now. Put it in a bowl or something."

OK...if you re-read what I just wrote, you will know that this thing is 2 inches long! It would totally jump out of a bowl. HA! So Erica and I talk about what to do for a while and we are both chicken...and we admit it freely. Anyway at one point Erica says, "I will go and get it for $5." To which I said, "Ok." To which she is thinking in her mind: I didn't think she would actually say yes to that! And then she says, "Well you have to come over there and back me up." To which I'm thinking: This is why I'm paying you $5! So I don't have to go over there! But I say, "What am I supposed to do to back you up?" And she says, "Well if it jumps on me, you have to get it off me!" To which we both turn around and decide to just let the grasshopper roam the house until Sam can get it later! It was hilarious.

Anyway...the saga continued when I got back to work. My freind Laure said that she would go get it. I work just 5 minutes from my home so I took her up on her offer. We head over to my house. She walks in the kitchen, picks the grasshopper up in her hands and just let's it go outside! I was in awe! But I still would not have touched that thing! EWWW!!

10. I'm ready for a vacation! Maybe I should start planning one. Hmmmm...

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Shellie G. said...

Oh my gosh! the grasshopper story was cracking me up. i mean into like a million little pieces. ROFL funny!