The New Grill

So 2 years ago for Christmas I told Sam that he could pick out any grill that he wanted for his Christmas present. I even made him a very cute little card and gave him grill tools to use on the new grill. Well 1.5 years later he picked out the grill that he wanted and actually purchased it! YEAH!

So last night, we cooked dinner on it for the first time! YUM!

Here Sam is, looking all manly while grillin. We had brats, french fries made on the grill, and corn on the cob. It was all rather yummy!

Here I am sitting on the porch just watching!

After we were done eating, we let the dogs try to eat some corn on the cob. It was so cute! Here is Gus!

And here is Chloe! She was so cute because she she was biting her little nose would be pushed up so she looked like she was making a pig face.

And here is Sam just playing around, pretending like he burned his hand. So silly!

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