Cards for Baby Ryden

So the baby has brought on a lot of mail at our house and I love it! I love getting cards in the mail...and it's even better when they are homemade!

This first card was sent to us by Colette Gillespie! I love this stamp set and I'm so sad that it's retired! I hope I look that cute when my belly gets that big!

This little card you might remember seeing for the color challenge. This card was made by Grandma Jean. Such a cute little lamb!

I just got this card yesterday in the mail. It's from Heather! Love the color combination and the stamp...where did you get it?

And this last card is from Jinny! Love that cute little baby! :)


hngoben said...

I got the stamp set from The Angel Company. I think they are so CUTE!! Glad you liked the card. Had alot of fun making it. It's all about the Belly, Girl.

Love ya, Heather

Kim Ryden said...

Heather...that is a very cute set! I hope that all that gets bigger is my belly just like the stamp! HA HA!