My trip so far...

Day 1, Tuesday

Well I started the day leaving my house around 2pm. It didn't take me too long to get the airport and I was chillin in the terminal by 3:00pm. My flight didn't leave until 5:18pm! I totally should have left later than that. Now I know for next time! Anyway...I boarded the smallest plane that I have ever seen...there were just 3 seats across, one on one side and two on the other. There were probably about 50 seats and there was just one flight attendant for us all!

On the 2.5 hour flight I slept and read my book. And I took this really fun picture! (Clouds Mom!!)
Then I took this picture of myself. It was cold on the plane so I was trying to soak up the sun!

I got to Salt Lake City and to the hotel around 7:30pm. Then my roommates and I went out to eat. We went to a fish restaurant but I hate fish so I had a chicken ceasear wrap. It was very yummy!

Then it was back to the hotel to get some sleep!

Day 2 - Wednesday

Well my roommates and I started the day by leaving the hotel around 8am. We got to the convention center and stood in the "Get Your Convention Bag" line. It was very long but not as long at the "I Want to go to Momento Mall" line. So we got our bag...
(Here is a close up!)
And in the bag was...The New Catalog...
There will be an in depth post about this in a few minutes!

From there we went to stand in the "I Want to go to Momento Mall" line and we stood there for a few hours and didn't seem to be moving up in line very much. So...we went to look at the Display board!

I think this was a cute use of the photo storage boxes! I just love that calendar stamp!

This calendar was on a cookie sheet! Magnetic! So cute! Who wants to have a class?!!!

Well then around 11 we headed to Stampin Up's facility. It's located in Riverton, UT...about a 30-40 minute drive. It was a neat tour! (But not as neat as 2 years ago Colette...I will explain as I continue.)

They have this room where displays are set up just like they have them in the catalog. I thought this one was fun! I particularly like the way they put the pictures in the glass jars on the shelf! If I had room for something like this in my house...I would totally be making plans now!

Here I am sitting in the room that they use the Decor Elements roses. Of course my eyes were closed! HA HA!

We also got to see the warehouse where they fill all of our orders. Although this year we didn't get to tour the facility and help out...just peek in. They said it was because they have some many people this time coming through in one day. We also didn't get to see Shelli's office this year...bummer!

There I am with the Stampin Up building in the background!

It's such a beautiful building!

After we took the tour, we stood in the "I Want to go to Momento Mall" line. It was only about 40 minutes this time and we were in! I got the project tote, a chapstick, and a convention charm!

We then headed back to the hotel to drop off all of our stuff! We had to walk because there were no shuttles available. It's about a mile walk (not like staying at the Hilton Colette!). Around 3 we went to have lunch at a sports bar and grill. It was funny because they also serve Chinese food! HA HA!

And now I'm just sitting in the hotel room alone. My roommates are attending a dinner at our hotel that cost $30 to attend. So I'm a loner tonight!

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