Challenge Results

So I didn't get everything on my "To Do" list done yesterday because just as I started to upload pictures to my blog, Sam came into the room where I was and said that he thought Gus got out again. Now, this was around 9pm. So we head outside and we are looking and calling for him. I probably walked/ran 2.5 miles. At 10:30 we were all (Sam, Jess, and me) back at the house and still hadn't found him. We could hear him every once in a while but he's so dark that in the DARK you couldn't really see him or know where he was.

So Sam and I got in the car and drove around a little more. We drove to the Elementary school that is right by our house and saw some eyes but when we drove closer and shined some light on them, we found that it was much larger than our small little Gus. We turned the corner in the parking lot and there he was, running around the school. I opened the car door and he came running. He was all wet and shaking. That little stinker! Then we get home and not 5 minutes later it was pouring down rain. We were like, "See Gus, you could have been trapped out there with all this rain!" I wish he would gain a few pounds so that he couldn't escape under the fence.

For those of you who know him, you know how scared he is in just everyday, normal life. We are wondering what makes him so bold and brave to wander around the neighborhood at night with strange animals!

Now, on to the challenge! There were some great results this time around! Thanks to all that participated! This first card is mine. I had fun creating it. It is a 4x4 square card!

Here is a close up.

This card is Jean's. I love it! So cute and lots of details!

Then we have Jessica's card. She embossed! I haven't embossed in a while...but the white looks so good on the chocolate chip cardstock!

And this final card is from Kathy. She used her craft ink spots to color this chipboard star and embossed over the top with clear embossing powder. So cute!

Great job with the challenge everyone! I think it's funny that no one used Red, White and Blue! But that's ok! More challenges to come! I will post one sometime this weekend, so keep a look out! AND...I will be posting more scrapbook pages tonight! Hope you all have a great Thursday that feels like a Friday!!!

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Kathy said...

What are we going to do about that little Gus???? I am worried that he will be hit by a car...
All the challenge cards were great! I was hoping to see a scrapbook page entry. Come on, scrapbookers...we know you are out there reading Kim's blog!