4th Pictures...Just a Little Late!

Here are some of the best pictures from the 4th! I know I'm a little late...what can I say?
Here is Chloe...lovin that she gets to roam around and not be fenced in.

My cute husband!

Chloe found the trash that had chicken bones in it. She wa holding on with th jaws of life!

My MIL showing off the the "Adults ONLY" pinata.

Sam giving his brother the eye as he gets ready to take his turn with the pinata. Jer was raising and lowering it when our eyes were closed.

Gus was sleepy!

Sam jumping on the trampoline! (I love this picture!)

Doin a back flip!

Me and my sweaty husband.

Erica had to hold Gus during the fireworks portion of the night. He gets a little freaked out.

Playing with my camera as the kids play with sparklers.

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