Updates and a Challenge

Hello Faithful Readers! I just thought that I should give you an update on things in my life currently.

It has been exactly 18 days since my last Diet Coke and I'm still alive! Can you believe it. I am not drinking any caffeine! (On a side note...did you know that Sunkist/Diet Sunkist has caffeine in it? I tried that as an alternative in the beginning and was reading the label and there was caffeine on the list of ingredients. Just a note to those of you who have kiddos. Not all orange sodas are created equal!) But I am not without a carbonated beverage...I just like the fizz! I am currently drinking a Fanta Zero orange flavor, ZERO calories. It's actually very yummy and tastes just like the real deal to me! I am also started drinking Minute Maid Light Cherry Limeade. It's not cardonated and at only 10 calories per can, it's a refreshing beverage as well!

Guess what Sam brought home last night?

That's right...we now have RockBand for Wii! We spent last night playing away. We started a band, The Rydenz (yes...with a Z). I really enjoyed playing drums at first a lot and then I started on guitar and I really like that too. If I knew any of the songs, I would sing but I'm still learning! We played for about 2 hours last night. It's a lot of fun!

Now on to the STAMPING CHALLENGE!! Your next challenge is to create a card or scrapbook page that must:
*Contain stars and stripes.
*Use a tool that you haven't brought out in a while (or that is new to you)
*Use brads
*Use ribbon or twine
You will have until the end of the day on Sunday night to send me your creations. Just a reminder that there are no colors mentioned so don't think that you have to use red, white, and blue just because I said stars and stripes!

Happy Stamping!


chris jenkins said...

i admire your amazing willpower. i don't know if i can possibly survive what me and my friend jokingly call the "nectar of the gods". i am trying to cut back though. it's just hard because i don't sleep much and it keeps me going.

love rock band. it's addicting. funny thing though is if you sing loud and offkey you seem to get more points - go figure - LOL

Barb said...

this challenge sounds really fun, Kim... I wonder if I can find time to do it by Sunday... :)