Cute Puppy Pics and Crafty News

On Thursday, we had another storm. So after the storm I noticed that the sun was shinning and there was a pretty rainbow in the sky. I went in the backyard to take pictures and of course the puppies followed me. So I got to take a few pictures of them as well. Here are the best ones!

This is Gus. He is afraid of my camera but for some reasons today he wasn't that bad. So I finally got a really cute picture of him! Isn't he just adorable?!

And here is Chloe. She is more likely to stand still for me long enough to snap a great picture but I just love the lighting on this one! The sun was still shinning bright after the storm and she paused before going down the deck stairs. Isn't she cute?!

I have noticed that I have posted anything crafty for a LONG time! But you are in luck because today my freinds are coming over to scrapbook with me. I should have a few things to post tomorrow! So come back and see what we have created!

Right now I have to go clean my craft room so that we have a space to scrapbook tonight! HA! I will post before and after pics of that as well! Hope you have a great day!

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