Friday's 10!

Hey everyone! I thought that it was about time for another Friday Top Ten. So here goes. It's just going to be about the First 10 things I can think about...here goes!

#1 - I am very glad that it's so nice outside these days. Today to work I am wearing capris and flip flops! I love that! And when I go home and get ready to head to my in-laws for dinner I will put on a tank top! YEAH!

#2 - The wind has been too much this year! I don't remember it being nearly as windy as it has been in Kansas these past few months. We have had to stake every one of our little trees down because they have either (a) fallen over OR (b) looked like they were going to fall over. We planted them about a year ago and I just feel so sorry for them. They are just trying to survive!

#3 - I wish I was on Deck 10 of the Vision of the Seas, laying in the sun!

#4 - Who wishes that Lisa would have been kicked off of Top Chef instead of Antonia. I can't believe that Lisa was so rude and said to the other two contestants, "I know that Antonia was your freind and everything but it would be nice of you both to congratulate me for making it to the finals." Ummmm...HELLO! I liked how Richard put it in his private interview, "Ummm...congrats on getting the bronze medal and coming in 3rd?" News flash Lisa...Stephanie and Richard beat you, you should be congratulating THEM! But who cares...one of them will win anyway!

#5 - Only 2 hours left of work today. I'm leaving at 4:30. I have to get out to the in-laws to swim and make smores before it rains! YES!

#6 - Speaking of smores...my healthy lifestyle begins again on Monday! On the cruise I gained 4 pounds! But it was totally worth it. I have lost all of that since being home but I need to get back to the gym so it doesn't come creeping back! You just eat so much on a cruise! There are points when I was like, "I'm not even hungry but this looks so good." I think I said that once right before I ate Keylime Pie! YUM!

#7 - Speaking of healthy lifestyle...I regret to inform you that I will no longer (or very rarely will) be drinking Diet Coke as of Monday, 6/9. Cutting pop out of my diet will help me to lose another few pounds very quickly and it's not great to have all of those chemicals in there anyway. So it will be water for me! Lots of Crystal light probably! I'm going to limit to one a week right now or maybe I can go cold turkey! This will be hard. Support will be needed!

#8 - When I got home from vacation I had about 20 stamp sets to cut out for customers! I still have 3 waiting for me to cut out before Sunday morning and one of them is an alphabet set! The things that I do for my customers that I love!!! My hand hurts! (just kidding)

#9 - I have had the most unproductive week every at work. I think I'm still in vacation mode. Atleast today I did manage to get a report sent to a customer. I need to get my butt in gear! Hopefully Monday will be a new beginning!

#10 - I'm excited about next weekend. My family: Mom, Dad, Sister, Husband, and me, will be heading to IL for my cousins wedding. We will be riding in one car...to conserve gas. We will be leaving early on Saturday morning and will drive up there, spend the night, and return on Sunday. It should be FUN! There is already talk about DVDs, games, snacks! WOO HOO!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to stamp with you soon!


chris jenkins said...

looks like you had a lot of fun on the cruise - i have never been on one - maybe one of these days. you got a fabulous tan too!

good for you on giving up the diet soda - i don't have the resolve - i NEED it to keep going - maybe one of these days too on that.

Anonymous said...

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!How ya doin!?