Ocean + Sun = Great Pictures

Well we got back from the cruise last night and I finished my first offical day back to work. Booo... But we did have a great time and over the next few days I will share that great time with you. But today as I was uploading all of the 397 pictures from my camera, I found that "Ocean + Sun = Great Pictures". So I thought I would share some with you. Here are the top ten where I really love the lighting and you can see the ocean too!

#1 - This picture of Sam and I was taken as the ship was leaving the port in LA. It was a self portrait with my SLR. I don't just hand it to anyone to take our picture. I kinda scope out if there is someone else who also has an SLR so that I know they will have respect for my camera! Anyone else do that?

#2 - As we were exploring the ship on the first day, I spotted this just off the pool deck! So beautiful!

#3 - I think that this was the first sun set that we caught on the ship. We were headed to dinner and I spotted this on deck 5 and just had to step out to take a few pictures. I love how it looks like the sun is just resting on top of the clouds!

#4 - Sam was the photographer on this one. This was on the second day, our first full day at sea! We were just exploring in the morning before we decided on what we wanted to do and Sam stopped to take this very good picture of myself! I love the color of the picture! Everything is so bright and crisp!

#5 - This picture is of Land's End in Cabo San Lucas. This was on Day 3 of the cruise. These rock formations were formed by the water and this arch is a big highlight in Cabo. The water around these rocks and the lighting just makes me love this picture so much! The water seems to be about 4 different shades of blue and green all blended together. Love it!

#6 - This picture was taken on Day 5 in Peurto Vallerta. This guy offered to take a picture of us and he wasn't actually in the ocean with us so I let him use the camera to capture this great picture. At the end of our excursion we got to visit a beach and swim a little. This is as far as I got in but Sam had fun swimming a little.

#7 - This is another picture from Day 5 on the beach. That is Sam in the bottom of the picture. I just love the ocean, the sun, the man...everything about it!

#8 - On Day 6 (an at Sea day) we left the theater on the way to another activity right before dinner when I saw the sun setting in the distance and I just had to stop and take in that moment. It was much better than attending "Battle of the Sexes" anyway!

#9 - I had fun playing with the setting on my camera to get just the right lighting as the sun was setting and taking that light away from me. I love this picture...mostly because that is my hot husband...but for other reasons too. I like how the image is soft around the edges but sharp when it comes to his suit.

#10 - This was also on Day 6 while watching the sun set. I love the levels of color! So great!

There will be more pictures and memories to come. Also...I only recieved one card for my challenge while I was gone. If you still have one that you haven't submitted yet please do so and I will post them later this week! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Those are GREAT pictures! Looks like it was a great trip as well. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Kathy said...

Great pictures--I like the Land's End and also the one of you and Sam together in the ocean!
I have a card for the challenge I will send to you tonight.

Sonja said...

Great pictures Kim!!