Friday's 10 - Road Trip!

This Friday's 10 has everything to do with all of the things I'm excited about this weekend when we road trip to Greenville, IL for my cousin's wedding!
#1 - We will be road tripping it in our CR-V! My Mom, Dad, Sister, Sam and Me in one CR-V. There are bound to be some great pictures from this trip. Stay tuned for Monday's post!

#2 - My sister and I bought a AUX cord so that we can plug my new iPod (and her old iPod) into the CR-V and listen to our music. Can't wait to use it!
#3 - My mom had this great idea to bring the protable DVD player with us so that the girls (the back seat riders) can watch some movies. So my sister and I purchased a splitter so we can all wear headphones and the boys don't have to listen to our girlie movies! Well one of the movies that I'm bringing is "Enchanted"! I'm excited to watch it!

#4 - My sister is bringing "27 Dresses". I've seen it but can't wait to watch it again!

#5 - One of my family's favorite roaptrip snacks is Twizzlers! YUM!

#6 - I have had this book sitting on my shelf for a long time waiting to be read. So when I'm not watching movies, I will hopefully be reading this!

#7 - I just got the new issue of Creating Keepsakes this week! I'm sure my mom and I will be looking at that and talking scrapbooking sometime on the trip!

#8 - When my sister and I were younger my mom used to plan a new activity in the car for every hour that we had to drive. So on the top of the hour there was always something new and entertaining. It could be a snack or a new toy. Well...one time when going to Colorado, she pulled out some pipe cleaners. We must have played with those for hours! Those were a favorite. So to remember those fun time, we bought some to play with in the back seat!
#9 - I just got the new issue of Real Simple this week too! YEAH!

#10 - And the new issue of Fitness has been waiting to be read for a while now too! (Yes, I have entirely too many mag subscriptions but I ask for most of them for gifts and then get others from kids of the people that I work with...funraisers!)

I hope that you all have a great weekend! I will update you when I return on Sunday night or Monday!

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