December Daily - The Album

12.1 - Just added a matte to my picture and a half circle so I had somewhere to journal. I used a lot of textured cardstock for my album and it's not the best surface for journaling.

12.2 - Lunch with Daddy. Just added my picture and journaling here.

12.3 - Love making cards! Just added picture and journaling here.

12.4 - Breakfast at the Rydens. Just added picture and journaling again.

12.5 - Dad's Birthday. I added a matte to my picture here so that it would pop on the page and tie in my embellishments. I used the "Happy Holidays" circle on this one cause my Dad loves to "sing" this song. This page is just patterned paper that I cut down and stuck in the album...no page protector.

12.5 - page 2. This is the back of Day 5...picture Brooke with her Grandpa.

12.6 - This is a page protector from a recipe book. My Mom thought of this great idea and gave me a few. It was so easy to just pop pictures in and write a little in permanent marker on the outside.

12.6 - page 2. Two 4x6 pictures on the left and then one on the right with some journaling. Super simple!

12.7 - Added a matte to my picture, journaling and the little sticker at the top of the page. It just needed something up there!

12.8 - This photo is a little blurry...sorry! SNOW! I actually got 3 pictures on this small 8.5x8.5 page! I'm so happy that I did! Needed to include my little pups in the album too!

12.9 - Watching the Dogs. Just added the picture and journaling. This album was so easy to put together when you do most of it before December!!! It's kinda hard to see the journaling here but in real life it's not hard to read!

12.10 - Me and my Hubby. I love this page! I think it's my favorite of all of them so far! It's so simple and yet so CUTE! I love that Making Memories Misltoe line!!

12.11 - Christmas tree! I love this simplicity of this page. It's amazing how the pages look so bare when you make them and then adding a picture and journaling just brings them to life!

This is all of the album that I have completed so far! I need to print pictures and get the rest finished up! I will do that this weekend I think! Merry Christmas to ALL!

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Jean said...

Awesome Kim -- you make it look simple but so professional!!