Friday Favorites

I have a good friend that likes to do her favorites on Fridays on her blog and this week I'm joining in!

You will notice that there are no Stampin Up items on this list.......while I do love all things Stampin Up, I am ready for the new catalog to become current in just 8 days.  Then I will be able to share images with you and tell you all of my favorite NEW Stampin Up items!

Now on to my favs!

#1: WASHI TAPE!  If you have read my blog in the past few weeks, you already know about my obessesion!  While my collection is not this big, it is growing and I can't stop myself from buying a really cute pattern of washi when I see one!  I have gained most of my collection from Two Peas!

#2: "GENUINE" BINGO PAPER by My Mind's Eye!  There are some papers that you use and then just want to get rid of and THEN there are those that you save every-single-little-scrap of to use on another project.  And maybe you even go out to your local scrapbook store to buy a few more sheets of it...just in case you want to use it on like 20 other layouts in the future!  (Hypotheically of course!)

You can see where I used this paper on a layout here.  And I have a "few" more sheets to savor and use in the future.

Now on to the not so scrappy favorites in my life...

#3: CONNECTED NECKLACE by Lisa Leonard.  I got this for Mother's Day and I love it!  Of course, I picked it out, but I still LOVE it!  :)  I love all of Lisa's stuff...always good for a Mother's Day gift, in my opinion!

#4: CONTIGO Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle.  I read about these on Janetha's blog.  She loves them and I have an addiction to water bottles.  But I think my addiction and search for the perfect water bottle has ended.  These are the BEST water bottles I have ever owned...ever!

First of all, if you have a Costco membership (or know someone who does), buy them there...Two of these bottles for $19.99!  Second, they really, REALLY do keep your water COLD for hours on end!  I can fill it up with ice and water at night and in the morning...it's STILL COLD!  Great for summer in the hot car when you want a cold drink but don't want to carry your water bottle around with you in every store or location you are at.

#5: INFINITY SCRAF - Pink and Grey.  I couldn't find an exact picture of mine but this one is very close...except take out the orange and put in pink!  I love the infinity scarf and this light weight, t-shirt material one is the BEST!

#6: PRINTED POCKET SKIRT in red by Old Navy!  I bought this yesterday because I was in search of Old Navy's $2 tank tops (I got 8 of them) yesterday...WHAT A DEAL!  And this skirt was right there and it was only $12 and SO CUTE!  I bought it without trying it on because I had 2 kids with me :) and was plesantly surprised that night when I tried it on and LOVED IT!  I think I'm going back today for 2 more!  Such a good deal...almost like 3 skirts for the price of one at the $12/skirt price!!

#7: COSTCO BABY WIPES.  They best wipes out there for the price/thickness combination that I like!  You get nine packs of 100 wipes for just $19.99 in Kansas (2 cents per wipe).  The only other wipes that come close to the same quality, in my opinion, are Huggies and they are much more expensive.  I love Costco!

#8: ORANGE CHICKEN by Trader Joe's.  YUM!  This meal is my of my favorites to make because it's SO easy and it's SO yummy!  I love making it when I don't really feel like cooking!  The chicken is $4.99 at TJ's.  And I like to pair it when a pouch of their brown rice which is so yummy and comes with 3 pouches to a box for only $2.99! 

Ok everyone...have a great weekend!  Enjoy your extra day off work and I will be back with some more blogging soon!

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Jinny Newlin said...

You're joining in, huh ;)? LOL! LOVE that Washi tape stack! Yum!