Brooke's Birthday Cards

Brooke has a lot of crafty people in her life! So, of course she would get a lot of handmade birthday cards!

This first one was made by Jinny. And you can read more about how she made it here. I just love the little baby!

This card was created by Brooke's Grandma Jean! I just love the corduroy button/flower combo!

This one was also made by Grandma Jean! She made one for Great Grandma to give to Brooke. Cute embossed popsicle!

My best friend Kristin made this one! It's so CUTE!

And Grandma Kathy made this one! Love this stamp set!!! What is it called again Mom??

Thanks for loving my little girl ladies! She loves you back!

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Kathy R said...

I think it's called Just B!