2011 Goals

Here they are...without any further delay, I sat down tonight and I figured out my 10 goals. My problem this year was that I had too many floating around in my head. And you will see the results of that below. I wanted to stick to 10 main goals but there are a few extra that I hope to stick to also. Here we go...

Goal #1: Move More, Eat Less!
What a concept! Ha ha! If you don't already read Cathy Zielske's blog, you should hop on over there and check her out. She adopted this concept at the beginning of 2010 and she looks amazing now!

Last year I put a number on my weight loss goal and I didn't want to do that again this year. I will just say that I want to end 2011 at least one pound lower than 178 and I want to feel good about myself and my body!

Goal #2: Read 16 Books.
Last year my goal was to read 12 books. I surpassed that with 15 and a half books. Basically, I read my 12 books and then I just kind of relaxed and got lazy, watched more TV, you know! So this year I'm challenging myself even more!

Goal #3: Go on two dates per month with my handsome hubby.
One date where we go out and one date where we stay home. Obviously I want to get out the house with Sam and be away from parenting duties at least once a month. But on top of that I want to be intentional about enjoying our home together after our little one is fast asleep.

We may play games, watch movies, fix fancy dinners or desserts...who knows?!

Goal #4: Create something weekly that is just for me! (And blog about it!)
I was to make good use of my craft room! So I will create something (a card or scrapbook page) that is not to be used in a class or for an event. It will be just for me (and you because you read my blog)!

Goal #5: Organize the crawl space.
Yes, it's back on the list this year. I hope to get it done!

Goal #6: Finishing journaling in ALL scrapbooks...get caught up!
I have way too many pages that have been made without journaling being applied. So I will have a journaling day, or 20, this year!

Goal #7: Write a Will.
This one made the list again this year. We didn't get it done last year so hopefully we will this year.

Goal #8: Floss teeth at least 5 times each week!
I know my dentist will be happy about this one! I need to get in the habit and what better way than to set a goal and stick to it! I picked 5 times a week so I can take the weekends off if I want to.

Goal #9: Try 2 new recipes a month (and blog about them).
I got this idea from my friend Natasha. She is doing one new recipe a week. I scaled it back a bit so I'm not overwhelmed by the task!

Goal #10: Organize something once a week.
Notice that this goal is very generic. The word something could mean a lot of things! One room, one drawer, one box of clutter...I just want to be intentional about organizing this year! You will see why later this week! The hint is Ali Edwards.

And now we get to the part that I was talking about in the first paragraph of this post. The goals that I want to have but didn't make the top 10.

Goal #11: Rely more on God's Word to get me through the day.
The only reason that this goal isn't in the top 10 is because it's not really a measureable goal. I can't take a picture and call it complete. But this is probably the most important goal on my list. I want to be in the word daily, listening to what God has to tell me. When I have doubts and questions I want to seek out answers from God and rely more on Him to calm my nerves and fulfill all of my needs as he has promised! I'm excited to see where 2011 takes me spiritually!

Goal #12: Drink Less Sonic.

Yes, I actually wrote that one down! Can you believe it?? I would have a Sonic Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with real cherry syrup every day if I could. But let's face it, it's not really good for me and that would cost a lot of money! So I will reserve Sonic drinks to scrapbooking nights and special occasions only...unless I have a giftcard to use...I can use that whenever I want!

Goal #13: Drink at least 72 oz. of water per day

I can do this and I will be healthier because of it!


Diana Martin said...

I'm impressed! Good luck!

natasha said...

Good ones! I need to follow your lead and get mine down on paper too. A lot of what I have been thinking about are similar to yours. We can help eachother get them done.

Penny Hanuszak said...

Congratulations on being able to articulate your goals Kim.......that is so awesome. I'm a procrastinator so my biggest problem is sitting down and deciding what to do and then doing it. Follow through is everything. I wish you well on your journey this year and trust you'll make it through your list.

Jinny Newlin said...

Great list! Good luck with everything!

Elaine said...

Kim, I *really* enjoyed reading your blog. I found you through Stampin' Connection; I'm #302. I bookmarked you. ;) I'll be back!