Takin it Back!

When I had Brooke almost 5 months ago, I kinda let this blog go back to only cards and scrapbook page when I had them available. But now I'm takin it back to what it was before, my personal blog! So here you will find thing about me and what I'm thinkin, feelin, and creatin. And you will find almost all baby related posts over at: http://www.therydenfamily.blogspot.com/!

So here we go... This weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. It was really fun to connect with my old classmates. It's great to see some of them succeed in what they always wanted to. But it's also funny to see some people that haven't changed ONE BIT!
Here is a picture of all of the graduates that were at the dinner on Saturday night! There wre probably about 45 of us!

And just for fun...I pulled this picture out of the vault so that you could see the difference 10 years makes in 2 best friends! Here I am with Kristin getting ready to head to the senior prom.

And here we are getting ready to head to our 10 year reunion! I love it! And I love her! I'm so glad that we are still friends and see each other atleast once a week to this day! So glad that she's in my life!

All-in-all it was a great time! It will be fun to see what all my classmates are doing in 10 more years!

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