My Friend Jinny...

So I got this card in the mail last week.

Isn't it CUTE?! It's from my friend Jinny! She really inspires me! She has two kiddos, home schools her son, takes care of her daughter who is about 9 months old, and is an amazing wife to her husband BJ! All of this while being a bargain shopper, baking and cooking wonderfully yummy things, and crafting! I don't know about you all but I count it a good day when I get the baby fed and do atleast one load of laundry!

Anyway, I got this card from her with a few pictures of her cute kiddos and then a few days later she emails me and tells me that she has joined the blog revolution! YEAH! I have been telling her that she should do one! I mean, she is a wealth of information for me and I'm sure that others will love to hear from her as well!

So you should check out her blog "Soaring". And she also started an Etsy shop where she is selling her card creations! Check out her store, Lofty Designs. Her card creations are so cute! And she doesn't believe in faux stitching so all of the stitching that you see is REAL!

Hope you all enjoy following her blog as much as I will!

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Jinny Newlin said...

Kim! You make me cry! Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement! Although, I'm really not all that. I'm just trying my best at life... Lots of times, it all fails! Thanks for being such a super friend!