Feather Incident of 2009

So on Saturday night I noticed (when going to bed) that my pillows smelled like pee. We came to the conclusion that one of the dogs peed on them...GROSS! So I get up on Sunday morning and I put my 3 pillows in the washing machine. Now, I love to sleep on feather pillows. And I've washed them all before with no problems. But as we get ready to leave for church on Sunday morning, I was going to switch them all to the dryer. I open to the washer to find feathers EVERYWHERE!

2 pillows were still in tact but the oldest one had busted open! I threw the other 2 in the dryer and then left the rest of the mess for after church! So when we got home I started to clean up. I opened the dryer to find that there were also feathers everywhere in there cause there were on the other pillows too. So I was vacuuming the dryer out and noticed that they were all stuck in the lint trap! Grr... So I just moved on the washing machine!

The above picture was taken after most the feathers were taken out. Just imagine 20x more feathers in there! These feathers were wet so I had to touch most of them with my hand...yuck! And then I used the vacuum to get the rest!

Sam was not amused when I asked him for his help!

Here is the trash can with about 1/5th of the feathers!

There I am vacuuming after I ran the washing machine after time to make sure they were all out of the barrell!

And here is Sam vacuuming the dryer AGAIN!

What a mess! The moral to the story is...GET DOGS THAT DON'T PEE ON YOUR THINGS! GRRRR... (anyone want two dogs?)


Grandma Jean said...

Couldn't you use those feathers on a card some how?????

chris jenkins said...

yuck! at least only one busted. i would hate to see what it would've been had it been all.

you are good. i would have just thrown out the pillows and got new ones eventually.