Christmas Ornaments...Over the years

So earlier this week I said that I would post about some of the Christmas ornaments that you will find on our tree. Here goes:

This is the ornament that I got in 1993 (I think that's the correct date). I got this ornament because it was the year that I had my first ice skating experience! If you can't really tell, this giraffe is wearing ice skates.

This is an ornament that my Aunt Val made out of clay. Isn't it amazing! I keep telling her to open an Esty shop. Maybe if you all leave comments about how cute it is she will listen to me! :)

This is the ornament that I got in 1999 when I started attending Northwest Missouri State University. Go Bearcats!

This is my 2003 ornament. In July of that year I had started working at a church as the Youth Director. It was a fun job but ultimately just didn't work our for our family in the church that we were in.

This is an ornament from last year. I can't remember if my parents gave it to us or if we bought it at target on our own. But every year...well for the last 2 years we have done a Christmas picture with our little pups. We send it out with our Christmas cards just like they are our little kiddos! I love last year's picture...I got them Naughty and Nice shirts from Old Navy! Don't they look cute?

This ornament was from 1995. This is the year that I started high school and started taking French. I couldn't get a really clear picture of it. But this is Santa climbing and decorating the Eiffel Tower.

I think this is an ornament that I made last year for a class that I did! I love that paper!

I love the simple silver of this ornament. I think we got this after Christmas last year on sale! Of course it is from Target!

I think this ornament is from 2001. This is the year that I got to meet NSYNC! What a special year!

Sam and I got married on March 20, 2004 and we headed to Disney World for our honeymoon. So of course we had to get a Mickey and Minnie ornament for our first Christmas as husband and wife!

And this year...we added this ornament to our collection. it was actually Sam's idea when he saw it in Babies R Us. I just love it!

What are some of your favorite ornaments???

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