Goal #4...

Create Something for Myself weekly and blog about it! If you haven't checked out all of my goals for the year, you can find them here.

This project is from last week and this week. I am creating a calendar for our family using My Digital Studio. I love how it's turning out so far but I still have 7 months to go!

I am making most of the layouts pretty simple! I'm just trying to get it done and printed so I can hang January on my fridge for at least a few days!

When I create my calendar I use pictures from 2010. So this year I decided to challenge myself to create my 2012 calendar, one month at a time DURING the year. This means that once January 2011 is over, I can start working on my January 2012 calendar page!

Won't it be nice to just hit print after I add Christmas pictures in after Christmas 2011!

Hope you all are enjoying the calendar pages I have so far!

I will post the remaining months as I get them finished.

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Unknown said...

Your calendar is going to be awesome!!!

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