A few of my favorite bloggers post with 10 things that are going on in their lives right now; things that have happened, things they are happy about, things that are funny... So I thought I would give it a try!

#1 - Tonight is scrapbooking at church! There are about 6-8 ladies that will be there! I'm so excited. I can't decide what I want to work on tonight...my own stuff or a scrapbook that I'm doing for someone else? Hmmm...I'm already packed for both so I might just bring both and work on what I feel inspired to do! I love options!

#2 - Tomorrow, Saturday, is my 12 hour scrapbooking event! I'm excited about this as well because I plan on getting a lot done! Of course, we always plan on getting a lot done and it doesn't happen but maybe it will this time! Who knows! I need to get some pictures together and order them so that I will have everything I need for tomorrow. I love Walgreen's photo processing! It's so quick for the last minute picture printer!

#3 - 2 Scrapbooking events this weekend means a lot of Sonic Diet Cherry Coke! Can't wait!!

#4 - Sam and I are going on a cruise at the end of May and this week we booked our excursions! I am so excited to go on this cruise! I can hardly wait...less than 60 days now!

#5 - Only 6 more hours of work this week...WOO HOO!

#6 - I have made a new deal with myself...I have to floss my teeth every night. If I don't floss, the next day I can not drink Diet Coke. Yesterday I realized that I forgot to floss on Wednesday night and I was so bummed (and tired)! So last night I was sure to floss!! Hopefully this will work for me to get in a better habit of taking care of my teeth! (Although I realize that a reward of Diet Coke probably isn't the best thing for my teeth...but I love it so much and it's a good incentive so far!)

#7 - I watched the movie August Rush this week. It was SO good! I can't wait to listen to the soundtrack. I highly recommend this one!

#8 - Who invented working on Fridays anyway?!

#9 - April 3rd is a special day in TVland! The Office will return. I am so excited! I have a calendar in my cube and March is Jim's month. Next month is Pam! Jim and Pam...aren't they just so cute together? My friend also got me a huge poster for my birthday of Dwight Schrute. It is hilarious....he's larger than life and watched me work!

#10 - My best friend's wedding is on May 24th! I'm so excited about all of the wedding festivities that are coming up! We have showers and bachelorette parties and rehearsals and shoes to buy and dresses to alter! I love weddings! YEAH!

I hope that you all are having an amazing Friday! Hope to stamp with you soon!

Kim :)


So Happy!!!

Guess what everyone! My good freinds BJ and Jinny are expecting a BABY! YEAH! So this post is dedicated to them!

Jinny wanted a great way to tell both sets of parents about the baby they have been asking for! So look at this cute card that she sent out for Easter!

The tag says, "Hatching November 2008"! This card is so cute! How will I top this some day, I will have to ponder that one!

I can't wait for November 7th to see the new addition to your family!


WOO HOO Wednesday!

It's time for another WOO HOO Wednesday! There were 3 participants this week! Check them out! They are GREAT!

This card was made by my Mother-in-Law, Jean. It was a birthday card for my Sister-in-Law's birthday! Look how cute that Build-A-Brad is!!! I love those things!

This card was made by my Mom, Kathy. I think that she enbossed on vellum. Can you explain Mom? And I believe that this was a wedding card. Thanks.

The next 2 cards were made by Heather! They are so cute! She used the Tart & Tangy stamp set, Summer Picnic paper and those cute rub ons that are in the mini catalog! SO CUTE!

This card is equally as cute with that 5/8" Red Grosgrain Ribbon!
Make sure that you get your submissions in for the next WOO HOO Wednesday! I can't wait to see what you are doing!
Kim :)


Brithday Gifts

So...my Sister-in-Law's birthday was on March 14th. For part of her present I made her these cute fruit bookmarks. She is BIG into cooking so I thought that she would enjoy these and could use them to mark pages in her cookbooks! What do you think?

You can make these bookmarks with Jumbo Paper Clips that you can buy at Walmart. I used the Tart and Tangy stamp set to make these. To attach to the paperclip you will just use a Pop up Glue Dot. Very easy and so CUTE!


I Love Mail!

March 20th was our wedding anniversary. I received these two handmade cards in the mail and I thought that they were very cute and deserved to be shared.

The one on the left is made by my mom, Kathy. You can't quite see it in the picture but the base was textured cardstock. What a cute color combination and a great use of the scallop punch. The card on the right was made by my mother-in-law, Jean. I love the hearts inside of the squares...very cute! And she even added a cute square rhinestone brad.

When I received both of these in the mail, it just made me think about how far you both has come in the crafting world! I will have to pull out some of your old stuff later this week to share, so everyone knows what I mean!

Love you both and thank you for these cards!

Kim :)



I just wanted to leave you with a rather cute picture to dream about tonight! This is my freind and Stampin Up mama, Colette! Isn't she just so cute! She was tired of me taking pictures of her so she made this great face! To me...it screams..."Look at my way cute Silpada ring!"

Love you Colette!

I (heart) You!

Today is a special day...4 years ago today I was lucky enough to get to marry my best freind! It's weird to think that we have been married the same amount of time that we were in high school or college. I guess time flies when you are having fun!

I just wanted to say that I am so thankful to God for bringing Samuel Hunter into my life. I can't wait to spend many more years by his side!


Your Kimberly


WOO HOO Wednesday!

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately...I love the idea of the catalog challenge, but it seems like we have slacked off or gotten our inspiration from other sources lately! So...We will now be having "WOO HOO Wednesday". Every Wednesday I will just post what I have received from you all.

This way...if you have something done, you can share it, whether it's that week's page in the catalog or not. This will also give us the chance to get farther back in the book! To enter, all you have to do is email your submission to demokimsu@yahoo.com. Include a short decription if you want to! Thanks.

This card was submitted by Jinny. She is in one of my scrapbook clubs. I love that this card can be for a man or a woman! Very CUTE! This is a CASE from a card on page 36.

The card to the left was made by Kathy. What a cute little birdie that you can find in the Spring Solitude Hostess set (Level 2).

This card was also made by Kathy...with that same little birdie! That is some good stamping to get that birdie on that twig! This is a CASE from page 40.

This card was also made by Kathy. Same design as the one above but with a flower using a button as the center! Buttons are so cute!

This card was also made by Kathy. This was a Valentine's Day card. I love the color combination! This is a CASE from page 39.

This last card was also made by Kathy. It's a CASE from the card on page 35. I have to say that I do like this card better with flowers!

I will still be posting challenges every once in a while. So please check back regularly for that! And send in your submissions now for next week's WOO HOO Wednesday!
Kim :)

Here They Are!

So...we had our Demo Meeting tonight and this was our project! Don't they just look yummy?!!

I love the fact that these are so quick to make...yet so fantastic looking! They are almost too cute to eat!


Cupcakes of My Own

I wish that you all were demonstrators in my Stampin Up family so that you could come over tonight for our meeting and create cute cupcake toppers too!

I made 8 of them last night and they are super cute! You will have to wait until tomorrow to see them though...so exciting!

Happy Tuesday!

Kim :)


Live Your Dreams

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post another one of our make n takes from the Stampin Up Regional this past weekend. This card was made using the Live Your Dreams stamp set. I have to be honest when I say that this set wasn't really on my list when I saw it, but now I think it's pretty cute!

We used Soft Sky, Groovy Guava and Wild Wasabi for this card. The middle of the flower that was stamped on Very Vanilla and cut out is a Jewel brad from the Pretties Kit. And of course we topped it all off with a little Groovy Guava Double-Stitched Ribbon.

The card does say, "Thanks", but the s is covered by the ribbon because it wouldn't lay correctly. Oh well!

A prize will go to the first person who can respond and correctly tell me how many butterflies are on the above card. (NOTE: They don't have to be whole ones!) You must comment on my blog to win!

Have a happy day!


Tulsa SU Regionals

On Friday, March 7th, my freind Colette and I hopped in the CRV to head down to Tulsa, OK. It was a fun road trip that consisted of: Sonic Diet Cherry Coke (Vallina for Colette), Colette looking through the catalog and building her mental wish list, taking pictures, small towns like "Nowata" (that was a fun one to talk about) and the disolate Coffeyville, KS.

When we drove through OK, we noticed that almost all of the trees had broken limbs. We later found out that there was a bad ice storm.

We arrived to the hotel and just had dinner in the hotel restaurant. They had really yummy bread! Then we went to get crafty in our hotel room! It was a fun night and there was a great radio station! If you are ever in Tulsa listen to Mix 96. It was a mix of current hits and songs from the 80's.

The below card is one of the make n takes that we got to make at convention. They talked about using your stamps as tools. We used the circle from the So Much stamp set as a paper piercing template. We stamped the image using White StazOn and then used the paper piercing tool to punch holes as you can see in my sample.

This card has a very fun fold to it. It's a 4x4 card made from a 12"x4" piece of paper. Below you will see the inside of the card. To create this fold you will have a 12"x4" piece of paper. Score at 4" and 8". You will then see three 4x4 inch squares. on the middle square you will score from the top left corner to the bottom right corner (diagonally).

Can you think of any other ways to use your stamp as tools? Let me know what you come up with!

Your next step will be to fold away from you on the diagonal line. Then you will fold the last 4x4 inch square up to create the back of the card. You will then have a pocket on the inside of the card! This pocket would be perfect for placing a gift card in!

On another note. Before I left for the trip I just happened to stub my pinkie toe and I thought I would share with you all what it looks like. It still hurts but from reading online, I don't think it's broken. We will just have to see how quickly it heals!

Hope you have a great day!


Week 9 Challenge Cards

Well since I'm a week late at posting these cards, I figured that I should probably go ahead with the post. I only have 2 cards for you this week. Today (Sunday) would actually be the end of week 10. I have not received any cards for week 10 (that I can remember) and I haven't had a chance to make any myself. So I am extending week 10 to be due by NEXT Sunday (3/16). So you still have time to participate! Just email me your submissions!

Both cards that were submitted this week are from page 35 in the catalog. Hope you can find the similarities.

This is my week 9 card. I was in charge of making wedding shower invites for my best freind, Kristin's, wedding shower. I need to get them finished this week so that we can send them out as soon as we receive the address from her. This is the sample. I did end up making the flowers a little darker pink for the actual invitation. If you have any extra time you can help me cut out flowers! I only have 40 more to cut out! Just stop on by!

This Kathy's week 9 card. She used Doodle This and the For a Friend Hostess stamp set. I love the pink, blue, and yellow together! It's so bright and ready for spring!

ALSO...I just got back from attending the Tulsa Stampin Up Regionals. There will be tons of fun posts throughout the next few days. So stay tuned to learn a few new things and see the make n takes that we got to make!

I hope you all have a stamp happy day!
Kim :)



I have to admit that I have spent most of my free time reading blogs lately. Most of them are of crafty people that post projects or just post about their life in general. I don't know why they are so interesting to me. Probably because all of my favorite TV shows are in reruns!

Anyway...I ran across a blog that had these cupcakes as a post! Aren't they just adorable? It looks like she just used decorated toothpicks. What a great idea for all you ladies that have little kids! Wouldn't this be a fun project?!

You can read more about these cupcakes and the creator of them at: http://watersfive.typepad.com/there_was_this_one_time/. I have also added a link to the right of my posts that has some of my favorite blogs listed. Feel free to stop by their sites too!

Happy cupcake making!