I can't seem to focus today at work because...

#1 - I'm really excited about scrapbooking tonight with my buddies at church.

#2 - When I scrapbook I always get a Diet Cherry Coke from Sonic...it's an almost guilt-less pleasure.

#3 - I would rather be at home sleeping.

#4 - My to do list for tomorrow is growing: Visit Kohl's to see about some clothes as well as suitcases, Bank, Workout, Call Aunt Beth, Call Debi Shumate, Send Cards, List stuff on Ebay, File taxes...refund here we come. I'm sure there will be more as the day goes on.

#5 - Let's just face it...working on a Friday is torture! Especially because it's SLOW today. You know...there are things to do but they don't need to be done right now...so I will blog instead! Ha!

Hope you all are having a great day! I'm going to go try to focus!

Kim :)


Too Much Stuff?

So I cropped this weekend as most of you know. I had an amazing time. Well...it started snowing and it just happened that Sam was on his way home from a movie with freinds at 11:30 or so. He stopped by the crop and helped us packed up! That was awesome!

On Sunday I made a terrible mistake.

I asked Sam to unload my car while I got ready. He came upstairs after he was done and said, "You have way too much stuff!"

Note to Self: Don't let Sam unload the car after a crop again! Ha!


Cards for Week 7 and 8!

So...I'm a little late but at the crop this month I did get alot done. We did really good this week...if I do say so myself! Even though I am late!!

This card was made by Jean. I think she already has her idea for her 4th of July invite. That is amazing! This is her week 8 card.

This is my week 8 card. I love 3x3 cards! They are so stinkin cute!

Kathy's card for Week 8. Very cute idea for a guys birthday!

Jean's Week 7 card. Very cute card for the next holiday!

This card was made by Kathy as a wedding shower card! So cute!

This card is one that I made at the crop...I love this new stamp set, Boatloads of Love!

On a personal note: I really enjoyedt he CROP this month! Thanks for those of you who cropped with me: Erin, Sheila, Colette, and Mom! It was so much fun!


Week 5 and 6 Challenge Cards

Ok...here are the cards for week 5 (pages 26 and 27) and 6 (28-29). This week we are working on pages 30-31! If you would like to join us, we would love to have you. All you have to do is create a card or project getting your inspiration from pages 30 and/or 31. Then take a picture and send me the card or send it to me in the mail. Need my address? Email me at demokimsu@yahoo.com.

Wk 5 Kathy (card #1)

Wk 5 Kathy (Card #2)

Wk 5 Shannon - WELCOME!

Wk 5 Kim (Me)

Wk 5 Jean (Project #1)

Wk 5 Jean (Project #2)

Wk 6 Kathy

Wk 6 Kim (Me)

Wk 6 Jean

Hope to see more of you participate this week! Send me your cards and I wil post them!

Kim :)


Extra Challenge - COMPLETE

Well I proposed an extra challenge last week and 3 people participated! Below you will find their cards and they are so cute!

This is Jean's card! She chose to make a birthday card for her grandson! He just loves baseball! This card is such a good way to make a birthday card for kids!

This card was made by Heather. What a cute wedding card! She used a lot of little sparkles! This would make a great wedding or shower card! So cute!

This card was created by Kathy as a birthday card! It's so cute! Great used of your scraps of patterned paper!

More of our weekly challenge cards will be posted tomorrow! I am the one that is holding up the group. I'm going to get crafty tomorrow...PROMISE!

Kim :)


An Extra Challenge!

This is a card that I created after seeing the card on page 163. I needed a card for a baby shower and I thought this design was perfect! The mommy-to-be LOVED it and so did everyone else at the shower and I got to say I made it! YEAH!

Your extra challenge this week is to come up with your own version of the card on Page 163. You could choose to make a birthday card, a Spring card, or just a generic friend card. It's all up to you!

Just FYI...the boxes that I cut were 1.25 inches x 1.25 inches. Let me know if you have any other quesitons.

Hope to stamp with you soon,
Kim :)


Week 4 Challenge Cards

Ok...internet is working! YEAH! So here are the cards from week 4, pages 24 and 25. I will be posting cards from pages 26 and 27 as soon as I receive them from everyone...should be soon!

This is my mom, Kathy's, card. She used the Time Well Spent stamp set. This set has so many different uses! You can earn this set by having a $500 workshop! She also used the double-stitch ribbon in Purely Pomegranate. Very cute! Check out those tiny flowers that she cut out! Now that is some serious crafting!

This is my entry for the week. I also used the Time Well Spent stamp set. I love how the example on page 24 uses the paper piercing tool to make the butterfly's trail! So cute! You coudl also use this to make flower stems! I use the aquapainters and ink from ink pads to color in my images. Check out how well Tempting Turquoise and Purely Pomegranate go together!

This card was submitted by Jeanie, she is a member of one of my scrapbooking clubs! I always forget how cute the Loads of Love stamp set is! I love it! It looks like she used colored pencil to color the image (correct me if I'm wrong). Check out the shading that she used to make the ground...very awesome!!!! Looking forward to more submissions from you Jeanie!

This card is from my Mother-in-Law, Jean. This was my birthday card! Very, very cute! I love how she used the image from Baroque Motifs to make a flower! So cute! What did you use to make your scallop edge? Looks awesome!

A few things I notice this month. 3 out of 4 of us used the Purely Pomegranate double-stitched ribbon....it must be the in thing! But all 4 of us used ribbon. If you don't normally use ribbon on cards, you might think about trying it! It's awesome! Right ladies?!