Yesterday = Bliss!

So the day started just like any other Sunday. We went to church here...

We did not have to work in the nursery today! It felt kinda weird! We volunteer there 2 Sundays a month and it feels like lately with vacations and stuff that we were always going to church and then working in the nursery. Today it was nice to be headed home around 11am.

We then went to Chipotle for lunch! YUM!

After lunch we got home and took a 2 hour nap (the dogs joined us)!

We then woke up and headed here...

The Gardner Aquatic Center! We chilled in the pool for about an hour.

We then headed home to take another 2 hour nap (the dogs joined us). It was then 7pm! WOW!

We spent the rest of the night watching The Office on DVD and I did get to spend some in my craft room too!

It was just a nice relaxing day with the family!

1 comment:

Jerolyn said...

Chipolte,nap,pool,nap,The Office...

it doesn't get much better than that for sure!