IL Wedding Trip

First of all I would like to say congrats to my cousin Christopher and my newest Cousin-in-Law, Hillary! You make a beautiful couple and I'm so happy for you!

Here are a few pictures of the bride and groom. They look tall because they are! Probably around 6 something! They met at a basketball clinic in college.

Here is their first dance.

This is my sleeping sister, Erica, my mom, and me in the backseat of the CR-V while we were headed to Greenville, IL. It was a cozy fit but not too bad! On the way out there we watched "27 Dresses"...such a cute movie.

This is Sam and Me in the town of Greenville, walking around the square. We ate lunch and did a little antique shopping...there were tons of places. My mom and I found a shadow box each because we both want to do this. So excited to get started on that!

Here is a fun picture that Sam and I took while waiting at the reception for the bride and groom! I love it!

Here is my HOT husband. He's trying to be tough in this picture. Is it working?

This is me and my Aunt Julie. She is my dad's sister. Aren't we cute?

A family picture. You can't tell that we are family at all, can you?!

This is my cousin Caleb. His dad is my dad's brother. It was fun to get to spend time with some of my cousins!

Here is Sam with Rachel, Mary, and Ruth (3 of Caleb's sisters). Aren't they adorable?!

Ruth and Me. I think that we look alike. Our dad's are brothers so it's likely that we look like our dad's! Don't you just love her long hair?!

This is Erica, my sister. I love this pic of her. I think Sam took it while I was in the bathroom. There were a lot of other pictures that he took but you won't see them here. He was shooting things like sugar packets! HA!

And...it wouldn't be a wedding unless there was a crazy dance picture of my husband and mom! Some day there will be enough pictures for me to make a scrapbook of just the dancing pictures! FUN!

All in all it was a good trip! :)


Anonymous said...

looking at the pictures you can see you had a great time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We did have fun, didn't we?