Wicked Review...

I have to admit that when I heard about Wicked, I wanted to see it right away. I had to wait about a year in order for it to come to KC though. So for Christmas my parents gave me a ticket and I couldn't have been happier. I have had a copy of the CD for a few months prior to Christmas and had memorized some of the songs already.

The CD takes you through the story to a certain extent but it doesn't fill in the gaps. So you kinda make them up as you are listening. You think that this is what happens, you think that might happen, and so on.

Well from the beginning of the musical I knew that I had it all wrong in my head. I had it pegged as a drama and it was a total comedy. I think that misconception came from starting to read the book. I didn't really get all that into the book. It was hard to read. But I loved the twist that they put on it for the musical! It was more my style!

Here you can see Glinda (Katie Clarke) and Elphaba (Carmen Cusack) as Glinda sings "Popular"...one of my favorite songs! This picture was taken in Kansas City so these are the girls that we saw as the characters. This song was so funny mostly because Glinda was flying about like a giddy little school girl. It was hilarious. My sister and I laughed out loud numerous times...and we weren't the only ones (most of the time)! HA!

Another favorite part was during "Defying Gravity" when Elphaba learned to fly. It was just a great set design and lighting and singing...it was amazing. This picture isn't from KC but it was exactly the same so you can get the picture too!

Then I have to say that our Fiyero was rather ummmm...HOT! His name is Cliffton Hall...look him up. There were some picture that I couldn't save to add to the blog but I did find this one when he was singing "As Long As You're Mine" with Elphaba (although this wasn't Carmen or in KC). Anyway...he's HOT! I know because we had binoculars! (Thanks mom!)
If you have never seen Wicked, I highly recommend it. I can't tell you all about it or I would give away secrets! Or atleast get the CD...you won't be disappointed!

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jaimey said...

I'm so glad you got to see Wicked! Isn't it just amazing??! I saw it in NYC and LOVED it. I laughed and laughed . . . and cried. So, so good. :)

By the way, I'm so excited you're coming to convention! Yay! You'll have to make sure to find me . . . :) So did you just find some people to room with?

Hope you're having a great week!