Update: Sunday through Tuesday

I figured that I would give you an update today about what has been going on in my life since Sunday (since I have neglected to post anything)!

On Sunday afternoon I headed out to my best freind's house to work on wedding stuff. It was so much fun!

My two best friends and I are just a like. We even all have the same cell phone and we weren't even together when we got them!

These are the M&M's that we put had to get ready for the favors. They bought the Valentine's M&M's so we had to pick the red ones out and we got to eat those. But only a few because we still have to fit into our dresses (we try them on today)!

Here are all of the bridesmaids (minus Monica who is out of town). The bride, Kristin, is in the middle. Aren't we so cute!

On Monday after work it was so nice, around 70 degrees! So when I got home I went outside to play with the kiddos!

This first picture is of Chloe...she was just groomed last week and still had her bandana on! So sweet!

Here we all are outside!

Then on Monday night we gave the kiddos a treat...some peanut butter. These pictures are so cute!

This is Gus...look at that tongue!

And here is Chloe!

And...here is the scrapbook that I finished for the lady that I scrapbook for. There are a total of 44 layouts!

Here is one of the layouts that I did. I scrapbook very simple for her. She doesn't mind and I only get paid $5 for each layout plus supplies. So I try to complete 3-4 layouts per hour.

Well I hope to see all of your WOO HOO Wednesday submissions! Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Are there any red M&Ms left? I am available to eat them!
Aren't my grandpuppies cute????

Anonymous said...

They look so cute, your doggies!!! Can you believe we don't have pink M&M's in The Netherlands. When I am on vacation in the US I always go to the M&M store to buy pink ones.