Top 10 of the Weekend

1. It's 8am on a Saturday and I'm already up and showered. Why? Today is my best freind's bridal shower! YEAH! I'm heading over to help cook and I'm excited. I will post pictures of her card and my wrapping job tomorrow. :)

2. I'm watching Top Chef that I taped from Wednesday. Who's going home? I don't know yet!

3. Tomorrow I have a Stampin Up workshop! There are 6 guests confirmed and 5 maybes! YEAH!

4. I have the desire to scrapbook today. Too bad I don't have time! Maybe later tonight!

5. I must love TV shows that are filled with drama. Even Top Chef is having drama tonight!

6. A week ago Sam and I got our pictures taken with my freind Heather. I'm very excited to see the results! I will post some when I get them back! YEAH!

7. What is your favorite stamp set? I think my all time favorite stamp set is Warm Words. It can add a tons of style to a card in just minutes! It's great!

8. I need to look up directions to the party today. Gotta get running!

9. This picture is so yummy! It's Justin Timberlake for those of you who don't know!

10. Hope you all have a stamp happy day!

Kim :)

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