Tulsa SU Regionals

On Friday, March 7th, my freind Colette and I hopped in the CRV to head down to Tulsa, OK. It was a fun road trip that consisted of: Sonic Diet Cherry Coke (Vallina for Colette), Colette looking through the catalog and building her mental wish list, taking pictures, small towns like "Nowata" (that was a fun one to talk about) and the disolate Coffeyville, KS.

When we drove through OK, we noticed that almost all of the trees had broken limbs. We later found out that there was a bad ice storm.

We arrived to the hotel and just had dinner in the hotel restaurant. They had really yummy bread! Then we went to get crafty in our hotel room! It was a fun night and there was a great radio station! If you are ever in Tulsa listen to Mix 96. It was a mix of current hits and songs from the 80's.

The below card is one of the make n takes that we got to make at convention. They talked about using your stamps as tools. We used the circle from the So Much stamp set as a paper piercing template. We stamped the image using White StazOn and then used the paper piercing tool to punch holes as you can see in my sample.

This card has a very fun fold to it. It's a 4x4 card made from a 12"x4" piece of paper. Below you will see the inside of the card. To create this fold you will have a 12"x4" piece of paper. Score at 4" and 8". You will then see three 4x4 inch squares. on the middle square you will score from the top left corner to the bottom right corner (diagonally).

Can you think of any other ways to use your stamp as tools? Let me know what you come up with!

Your next step will be to fold away from you on the diagonal line. Then you will fold the last 4x4 inch square up to create the back of the card. You will then have a pocket on the inside of the card! This pocket would be perfect for placing a gift card in!

On another note. Before I left for the trip I just happened to stub my pinkie toe and I thought I would share with you all what it looks like. It still hurts but from reading online, I don't think it's broken. We will just have to see how quickly it heals!

Hope you have a great day!

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