I have to admit that I have spent most of my free time reading blogs lately. Most of them are of crafty people that post projects or just post about their life in general. I don't know why they are so interesting to me. Probably because all of my favorite TV shows are in reruns!

Anyway...I ran across a blog that had these cupcakes as a post! Aren't they just adorable? It looks like she just used decorated toothpicks. What a great idea for all you ladies that have little kids! Wouldn't this be a fun project?!

You can read more about these cupcakes and the creator of them at: http://watersfive.typepad.com/there_was_this_one_time/. I have also added a link to the right of my posts that has some of my favorite blogs listed. Feel free to stop by their sites too!

Happy cupcake making!

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