SSINKspiration: New Year's Resolution

A few years ago, I resolved to not buy a purse or a pen for the whole year...the whole year!  It was tough because I was addicted to both but I did it and it REALLY cured my desire to purchase those two items! 

 So this year I'm taking it to a crafty level!  My 2014 Resolution is...NOT Buying Any Designer Papers (other than Stampin' Up!'s new prints that I might need for my classes and clubs)! 

 I buy a ton of other papers and I just don't need any more!  Wanna see...  

I want it...but I don't need it!  It's kinda silly when you think about it.  Most of these papers are $1 each!  And I have hundreds of sheets just laying around!  I need to use them!  And so I will in 2014!

But that didn't stop me from making one last trip to Archiver's before January 1st!

I just couldn't help myself!  :)

P.S. I will lose at least 25 pounds this year and not eat fried food at all!  Now I'm accountable to you all!  Happy New Year!


brrenwick said...

You are not alone in your paper hoarding...I think we're all in that same happy boat! Happy New Year to you!!!

Cynthia said...

Wow that's a tough one! I'm such a paper junkie too!!

SuDonna112244 said...

I am SO glad we don't have Archivers around here...I would have a very very similar stash!! :)

I'll help you with the paper stuff....But this chick loves fried foods so helping you lose 25 lbs is all you. ;)