Product Information: Ribbon Slides

Once a month as the Inspiration Coordinator for my group of demonstrators, I pick one Stampin Up product and I give a ton of information about it and also samples of how to use it!  This month we focused on the Round Designer Ribbon Slides (#127834, $4.95 USD)!
If you want to participate in the challenge you can!  Just link up in the comments so that I can come see your project!
These ribbon slides are the perfect size to accent any of our 3/8" ribbon. Or you can create a gathered look with a wider ribbon. They have a high-quality antiqued silver finish. The container comes with 16 pieces, 9/16" in diameter.

My first project was a tag that I created for a gift basket.  My sister needed it for an auction at work.  I just glued a piece of ribbon down flat and then laced a smaller piece through a slide and tied it once.  I then adhered it with glue dots to the tag.

I think this is my favorite use of the ribbon slides that I came up with!  I just took a small piece (great use for ribbon scraps) and laced it through...no tying at all.  Then I adhered it to the card with glue dots.

This card is another favorite!  This ribbon slide is only laced through the top smalle ribbon and then glued on top of a wider piece of ribbon!  Love this look!

And here is the scrapbook page that we made in club this month.  We used the ribbon and slide just as I described on the tag above...just on a bigger canvas!
I hope you enjoyed my Ribbon Slide projects! 

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