JAI - Fancy Packaging

I was catching up on the blog world today and I came across this post from Just Add Ink!  And I immediately thought of my packages from this year.

Here they are!  We always use Stampin Up's packing paper from the shipments that I receive for our wrapping.  It's cheap (free) and I always have some on hand and it's just so cute!  Then I usually add some cute ribbon to each package.  I love to use real ribbon!  It goes so well with the kraft paper that we wrap in.

Then this year, I saw an idea on Pinterest...and it was decided that I would add a little black and white picture to each package.  This was great for a few reasons.  #1 - It just looks SO CUTE!  And #2 - Brooke was easily able to hand out packages to everyone.  She can't read, but she can recognize who is in the picture and hand that present to that person!

I loved this idea and think I will continue for next year!


Nikki Spencer said...

Brilliant idea Kim, very personalised and l love anything in kraft paper! thanks joining us at Just Add Ink.

One Craft Happy Mommy said...

love the picture idea. Pinterest is simply amazing