End of the Year: Goals Update

I updated you in April and August on my achievements. Now I'm back again to update you at the end of the year.

I started the year around 175 wanting to lose 20 pounds. I gained a few, lost a few, and now I'm back at my starting weight plus a few nasty little pounds. Somewhere after I completed goal #7 I just stopped going to the gym. :(


But I will not let this get me down and I will try again with another goal in this area of my life for 2011!

Goal #2: Complete Taxes by the end of February - COMPLETE!

Goal #3: Finish The Perry's Scrapbook - COMPLETE!

Goal #4: Read 12 Books - COMPLETE! You can read what books I read in the August Update. Since then I have only added 4 to the list...slacker!
13. Love and Logic Magic by Jim and Charles Fay
14. Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster
15. Mission Motherhood by Sally Clarkson
16. The Penny Tree by Holly Kennedy (And I'm not quite done with this one.)


UGH! This is the one goal that I have avoided all year! YUCK!

Goal #7: Run a 5K - COMPLETE!
I didn't run a real race but I did run it on a treadmill and my goal was to be under 40 minutes and I clocked in at 39 minutes and 18 seconds! NOT BAD!!!

See those two boxes full of cards??!! Well I'm almost done with this goal.

I have 4 card packs left! So while I didn't complete this goal this year, I made a huge dent in it! And I'm calling it good! YAY!

Goal #9: Go on one date per month with my man!

July: Inception at Fork and Screen and then Ice Cream! YUM!

August: Waldo Pizza! YUM!

September: While we didn't get an official date night this month, we did go on vacation with our family and we are going to call that our date this month. Ok?!

October: Dinner at Pei Wei and Gelato for dessert! YUM!

November: Breakfast Date at the Downtowner in Gardner!

December: Nikko Japanese Steak House for Sam's birthday dinner! YUM!

Goal #10: Write a Will. Incomplete.

So I ended up completing 6 goals this year! And if I count goal #8 as done that makes 7! WOO HOO! I am thinking about goals for 2011! I can't wait to share them with you! Join me!!


natasha said...

I am thinking about my goals too....we can help eachother stay on task! :) Good job on what you accomplished last year!!!

Jinny Newlin said...

Way to go, Kim! Looking forward to reading your new goals. I left a little something on my blog for you today.