2010 Goals UPDATE!

As many of you may remember from this post, I came up with 10 goals to accomplish this year. Since we are done with the first quarter of 2010, I thought I should give you all an update! Some things are done, some have been set back a little, and some I'm right on track to finish in December. So here goes...

I failed to take pictures on January 1st when I weighed in at 175 (yes...I'm telling you guys all the details). And since January 1st, I have gained 3 lbs. That would put me at 178. UGH!

See...this picture says it all...UGH!

But now that I've posted pictures of me at my greatest, I have a new motivation to get down to my 155 goal weight by December 31st, 2010. Since it's no longer winter...we seem to be healthier and can head to the gym more! In fact we went there yesterday and my legs are killing me! Also, we are outside more in the mornings and afternoons moving more!! YEAH! So hopefully those things, coupled with eating better, will give me a better report at the end of this quarter!

GOAL #2: Finish taxes by the end of February. CHECK! We finished them in the middle of February and have already received our refunds and put them towards our mortgage balance! It feels so good to be done early!

Kristin is my best friend and I told her at her wedding in May of 2008 that I would make her a scrapbook for her wedding present. Well I have all of the pictures organized and ready to be put on pages.

I have 6 layouts complete and about 15 more to go! I plan to do this before their anniversary this year!

I have completed the books in the stack on the right. FOUR! WOO HOO! And the stack on the left consists of the books I hope to read soon!

Don't tell me how it ends. I'm almost halfway through it!

GOAL #5: Make a fondue dinner. Haven't done this yet. I think this would be a fun thing for spring!

As you can tell...I haven't gotten very far with this one! Ha ha! But I'm having a garage sale at the end of April...so I have 29 days to atleast go through it and get stuff out that we don't need anymore! I'm on track here (atleast in my mind)!

GOAL #7: Clock 300 miles of cardio at the gym. I have currently completed 44 miles. I have revised this goal to include miles that we walk outside too! Averaged out...I need to do about 7 miles per week from here on out to keep up with this goal. I better go on a walk today!

I'm on my way. Have some completed but still need to finish about 12 card packs I have in this box!

We are doing great with this goal! In January we went to Noodles & Co. and then to see New Moon (Sam said I could pick since my birthday is in January). In February we went to Pei Wei for our Valentine's dinner and then we headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart to by a bookcase for all my scrapbooks! We ended the night with ice cream! And in March we celebrated our 6th anniversary with dinner at The Bristol and staying the night at The Chateau Avalon while my parents watched Brooke! It's been fun...can't wait to see what we do these next few months!

GOAL #10: Write a will. Haven't even started on this yet.

So there you have it! Sorry I have been gone from blog world these past few weeks. I am going to try to update more frequently this month!!

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Jinny Newlin said...

So awesome to hear that you've gotten so far on many of your goals. You're a brave girl, Kim! If you need any help with the fondue dinner, just holler! I meant to take pictures of ours, from last week, but we gobbled it up pretty fast... next time :). Kiddos love to dip!