Friday's 10 - This Weekend!

Hey everyone...I'm bringing back the Friday's 10! So here goes...

#1 - My hubby left me today. He's headed to AZ to help clean out and pack up his grandparent's house. They used to winter in AZ where it's WARM! But Grandpa passed away just a few weeks ago and they weren't planning on heading back there this year anyway. So part of the family is down there this week to help out and my hubby and his brother are the lucky ones that get to drive the moving truck back to Kansas! So I'm alone all weekend. Drive safely boys!

#2 - Tonight I'm scrapbooking at church. I'm very excited to get to see my girls there and meet a few new people too! I think we will have a good group tonight! I'm still trying to decide what I want to work on tonight...probably finish up my clear album. I will let you know how it goes!

#3 - Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Archiver's with a few freinds to scrapbook all day! Well atleast from 9:30am until 4pm!!! I'm very excited about this. Yeah! I haven't seen Becky in ages and I miss hanging out with her! If anyone wants to join us...just let me know. It's free to crop during the day there! (Except the stuff that you are enticed to buy is not free but I will live!)

#4 - After scrapping on Saturday I'm heading accross the street to DSW to see if I can find some new shoes! I feel like I need something new! And my flip flops just won't work in the snow! Ha Ha!

#5 - Saturday night I'm looking forward to catching up on my shows that I didn't get to watch last night. I know, I know...I missed the best night of TV! The Office AND Grey's Anatomy. So don't tell me what happens!

#6 - Then Sunday I will be heading to church at 9am and hopefully my best freind and her hubby will want to have lunch with me that day! I'm calling her after work to see if they want to.

#7 - THEN (I have an action packed weekend planned)...I will be heading to a Holiday Mart that is being held in KC. I'm excited to look around and try some good food!

#8 - Then hopefully my hubby will be home on Sunday evening. But if not, I plan to curl up and take a nap then wake up to watch Desperate Housewives and maybe The Notebook. (I saw Nights in Rondathe last night. It was good but not nearly as good as The Notebook was. So I'm thinking I need to watch it again!)

#9 - I might also find some time to organize my scrapbook room OR clean our bedroom OR list stuff on Ebay OR clean the bathrooms OR make sure that all scrapbooking stuff is downstairs...it seems to invade the house all the time! So you see...I have tons of options that will take me well into next week!

#10 - I'm headed to Panera right now to have a salad and some potato soup for lunch. YUM!

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