101 Things About Me

My friend Danielle posted 101 Things about her a while ago and I thought it would be fun to try to fill in 101 things about me! So here goes:

1. I am a Christian.
2. One of my favorite snacks is regular Cheese-Its and a big glass of ice cold milk!
3. I am in love with Samuel Hunter.
4. I have two dogs: Chloe and Gus that are just like my children. I love them so much! They even get their own scrapbooks.
5. In my cubical at work I have 3 calendars: One is the TV show The Office and is set on the current month, One is the Kerry calendar that is set on next month, and the other is the one that I created myself and it set on the current month...a little much, I know!
6. I get extremely annoyed when I hear the same story for the 5th time (you know...when someone you are close to have to tell everyone the same story and you are with them every time).
7. I have a secret.
8. My favorite outfit to wear is jeans, a tank top and flip flops!
9. I wear flip flops until there is snow on the ground.
10. I have been wearing the same toe ring since the summer I started dating Sam. That was 7 years ago!
11. I love to watch reality TV.
12. I am currently watching Shear Genius and Project Runway on Bravo.
13. I love to have my toes (currently hot pink) painted but not my fingernails.
14. I put off lots of things at work so that I can work really fast in the afternoon to get everything done. It's silly!
15. Some of my best freinds have been made through Stampin Up!
16. I have close to 30 pictures hanging on my cubical walls...I love pictures!
17. My husband is hot!
18. I love taking vacations where everything is lazy...leave the sight seeing and go, go, go for someone else!
19. I have 5 hand-stamped/made items in my cubical at work.
20. I will be 28 on my next birthday.
21. I have tons of papers to file at work...stacks and stacks!
22. I love office supplies.
23. I probably have around 50 pens on my desk at work...they make me happy!
24. I'm going to Chili's today with my sister for lunch.
25. My sister works with me and I kinda like it...there is always someone on my side that I can talk to.
26. I love the musical Wicked. I've only seen it once but I have listened to the soundtrack a million times.
27. I actually enjoy High School Musical and most of the shows on The Disney Channel, like Hannah Montana.
28. I prefer to use a pink highlighter!
29. When I was a senior I won prom queen because of my lips!
30. I have known my very best freinds: Kristin and Annie, since 7th grade and we still talk!
31. I'm having pizza with Kristin and her new hubby tonight.
32. This year I have lost 20 lbs! (And kept them off.)
33. I love to read Chick Lit books. I am currently reading Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella.
34. I always wear two hair rubberbands on my wrist unless they are in my hair. I'm like a boyscout...always prepared.
35. I have a pink iPod.
36. I'm addicted to email! I check my yahoo addresses (yes plural) about 50 times a day!
37. I'm also addicted to Facebook...send me a message!
38. I hate cleaning the house with a passion.
39. I get annoyed by clutter.
40. I have good intentions of being more organized.
41. When I have stamping events in my basement, I throw all of my clutter in the laundry room!
42. Then I put off doing laundry because I have to clean out the room before I can do it!
43. I'm very excited to see the new Stampin Up catalog in 6 days!
44. I pay all of my bills online.
45. I am in love with Target merchandise. I wish I could win a shopping spree!
46. Every summer at Old Navy, I get more tank tops. I have a rainbow of colors!
47. I handle dental claims at work and a majority of complaints (about 90%) come from California. I find that interesting!
48. I die my hair because I'm already going gray.
49. I work 5 minutes from my home.
50. My husband and I chat, leave messages, email, and talk in abbreviations...it's fun!
51. I get all next week off of work!
52. I'm leaving on Tuesday evening to head to Salt Lake City for the Stampin Up convention!
53. I'm rooming with people I have only met through email and phone calls.
54. I hope to have a cheeseburger pita from Red Rock Brewery while I'm in SLC...so yummy!
55. I have never flown on a plane all by myself.
56. I am hoping to make freinds easily in SLC...if you are going let me know and we can meet up!
57. When my "To Do" list is a mile long, I find myself sitting on the couch watching TV.
58. I like playing RockBand.
59. I had a dream last night that I was having surgery on my nose with a doctor that my mom didn't approve, all so I could breathe a little better. I woke up with a stuffed up nose. It's weird how the mind works!
60. I try to drink 60-80 oz of water per day out of my chemical free nalgene bottle.
61. I have not purchased a purse or a writing pen all year (My New Year's Resolution). That's 7 months! WOW! On January 1st, I might go a little crazy!
62. I love chips and salsa...sometimes I just eat that for dinner.
63. I'm very excited to have children some day so that I can hang out with all of my mommy freinds and have playdates!
64. My eyes are bigger than my stomach a lot of the times!
65. NSYNC still makes me happy.
66. I once got to meet NSYNC with my good freind Lisa...we won a radio contest!
67. I use Blistex all of the time. I actually have a tube on my desk and still keep one in my pocket every day.
68. I have a really good smile thanks to my parents providing braces for me!
69. I like wearing my glasses and don't think that I will ever want to wear contacts.
70. My husband wears contacts.
71. Our kiddos are going to be blind...I see many years of paying for glasses in our future!
72. When I have a vacation coming up, I count down the days on my calendar at work!
73. I get very excited about things...my husband just doesn't understand that!
74. My favorite Stampin Up color is Old Olive.
75. I secretly want a new cell phone...but they are so expensive!
76. It's 2pm and I've already had 54oz of water today.
77. I used to drink 54oz of Diet Coke a day...just kidding...but I did drink it a lot! Now I have stopped that habit because I was way too dependent on my morning Diet Coke to keep me awake.
78. I secretly like when I have difficult situations at work...it makes the day more fun and time fly!
79. This list has taken me all day to finish. I will work for a while and think of something to add. Go back to work. It's been fun!
80. I like wearing my hair in pigtails.
81. I get excited about school supplies time (even though I really have no reason to buy them now, I still look)...I think this was always one of my highlights as a child and I know I will have fun when I have kids to shop for!
82. I have to sleep with a fan on at night so that I have white noise. I became addicted as a young child from my parent's sleep machine. Sam hates that I have to have it.
83. I can fall asleep in less than a minute...I get that talent from my dad.
84. After work each day I come home, lay in bed and watch Rachel Ray for 30 minutes. Then at 6 if I'm feeling inspired by her show, I will cook something for dinner.
85. I rarely cook dinner. We are more of a "cook 1 big meal a week and eat off of it and other things for the rest of the week" type of family.
86. I love fresh pineapple and strawberries...that is the ultimate fruit salad!
87. I have phone phobia with people that aren't my best freinds.
88. I love to wear rings and necklaces but can't get into bracelets.
89. I love attending wedding. Mostly for the cake! HA! And the love that is being shared there.
90. I keep way too much stuff in my purse that is not used on a daily basis.
91. I have a framed picture of Dr. McDreamy in my cubical at work...my coworker gave it to me for Christmas.
92. I sleep with 2 feather pillows: head on one, hug one.
93. I can't be touching Sam when I try to go to sleep. It's not just him it would be anyone that would happen to be in bed with me...Sam is just the only one that I usually have to worry about.
94. I've been told that I hog the covers at night...but I think Sam does.
95. I love sleeping on my stomach.
96. I wish I was a better scrapbooker.
97. I wish I had the time and the energy to submit my scrapbook pages to magazines.
98. I give Gus a backrub every morning...he is spoiled.
99. After my morning shower, I crawl back in bed and watch the Today Show.
100. I love wet hair...I wish it could be wet the whole day.
101. I have exactly 2 hours and 30 minutes of work today! YEAH!

Hope you enjoyed it! If you have a blog, I would like to hear your list as well! Have a great weekend!


Danielle Holsapple said...

Kim - you are silly! 3 calendars?! Gus gets a back rub every morning!? And you have a secret, eh?! Could it be....?
Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Jean wants to know the secret as well!!!

Kim Ryden said...

The secret isn't that guys...calm down!

Nichole Duenke said...

i love love love flips flops & hog the covers too! ;) fun post!

Erica Rogers said...

I secretly want a new cell phone too! I can get one for $50!

Your dream is very weird!

I also love school supply time, and dorm decorations, such fun stuff, and cheap!

We must be sisters!

Anonymous said...

So...then...what IS your secret?

Barb said...

Love all of these things!! By the way, I just gave you an award over at my blog... go check it and then pay it forward!! :)

chris jenkins said...

what an awesome post :D. it was good to learn so much more 'bout ya.