Extra Challenge - COMPLETE

Well I proposed an extra challenge last week and 3 people participated! Below you will find their cards and they are so cute!

This is Jean's card! She chose to make a birthday card for her grandson! He just loves baseball! This card is such a good way to make a birthday card for kids!

This card was made by Heather. What a cute wedding card! She used a lot of little sparkles! This would make a great wedding or shower card! So cute!

This card was created by Kathy as a birthday card! It's so cute! Great used of your scraps of patterned paper!

More of our weekly challenge cards will be posted tomorrow! I am the one that is holding up the group. I'm going to get crafty tomorrow...PROMISE!

Kim :)

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Anonymous said...

What cute cards! I am definitely going to use this layout again. It was fun deciding what to use for all those little squares!