A New Year

Hey Everyone! How are you? How is your stamping in 2008 going?! Well this year I have a few new things to share with you! First of all...I have a new website! You can check it out at www.kimryden.stampinup.net! Stampin Up totally redid everything and offered us more options that are AWESOME! Let me know what you think...what I need to add...what you love!

Second, I have started a challenge with my mom. We will take a layout from the NEW catalog and each week create a card based on the inspiration that we get from that page. This may mean that we take the color combination, layout design, or just copy it ALL! It's been fun so far! I have posted our first cards below. We started on page 18-19.

Here is my mom's card that she made for a lady at work that was leaving. So cute!

And here is my card for week one of our challenge! I made this card for my old babysitter. She's also a stamper so I will have to tell her about our challenge and see if she wants to join!
And third, I have heard a lot about how I need to update my blog! I know, I know...but I need motivation. So send me questions that you have, ask about techniques or projects, tell me something great that I could post about, and leave comments!
Hope you all have a great weekend and get a lot of stamping done! YEAH!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you updated the blog. It's exciting to see my card posted!
I'm working on my next card for our challenge...this is fun!
Why don't you tell us about other projects you're doing...like scrapbooking pages?